For new players or teams with new players. Little bumping and setting. Teams will try for 3 hits. No hard hitting allowed. Team Goal: Get it over the net - it doesn't matter how!


For players and teams with a mixed skill level. Three hits is the goal, with decent bumping and setting. Expect to see some hitting and blocking, although hard hitting is not encouraged and you will typically not see strong or organized attacks. If at least three of your players have played high school volleyball you should be signing up for Intermediate Plus or Competitive.
Team Goal: try to have 3 hits on every play.

Intermediate Plus

The majority of your players should be able to pass with accuracy; otherwise you should register for intermediate or recreational. This level will see 3 hits attempted each possession with the start of organized attacks and hard hitting. Team Goal: Get it over the net in an organized 3 hit strategy. If that falls through, place it well in the other court.


This level is for skilled and experienced players. This level will see a large amount of hard hitting, organized attacks, and strategic serving.

The above divisions are created based on skill level and not on competitive behaviour. All SSC players are expected to play with a ‘fun-first, winning second’ attitude. The SSC may move your team up or down a division based on league results (if applicable).