15th Anniversary

ESSC's 15th Anniversary Celebration

The Edmonton Sport & Social Club (ESSC) was founded in 2004 based on a rising need: adult Edmontonians love to play sports and have fun! The goal of the ESSC is to encourage as many people as possible to ‘get in the game’ as we believe in the physical, mental, and social benefits that sport provides.

Back in 2004, the ESSC launched it's first Summer season with 32 teams: 4 Slo-Pitch, 18 Beach Volleyball, 4 Ultimate, and 6 Outdoor Soccer. Now, the ESSC is expecting over 1,100 teams in it's Summer 2019 season across all 15+ sports!

The ESSC staff are all thrilled to be celebrating 15 years of sport & social and they know it would not be possible without all of you, our players and loyal supporters!

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. To celebrate, we've got contests and giveaways!

Weekly Contests

We're giving away a grand prize every Thursday for the month of June on our ESSC Facebook Page.

Contest Date Contest Details Contest Prize
Thursday, June 13

In 2004, Rob & Lori started the ESSC in Lori's kitchen. Her closet was the equipment room! Rob & Lori ran the ESSC's first Summer season with 32 teams! To give you an idea of how long ago this was, we didn't accept our first online payment until 2 years after this. All team registrations were paid for via cash/cheque. For your chance to win, like our Facebook Page, find the contest post and comment with how long you've been playing with the ESSC!

$100 ESSC gift card and a $50 Original Joe's gift card
Thursday, June 20 Over the past 15 years, we've had a total of 44,775 teams play with us, which equates to ~40,000 League Championship T-Shirts. For your chance to win, like our Facebook Page, find the contest post and send us a snap of your champ shirt(s). This could be a photo of you, your team, your dog wearing it, the shirt in your laundry bin... whatever! $100 ESSC gift card and a $50 Hudsons gift card
Thursday, June 27 Things are quite different at the ESSC than they used to be! Whether we're introducing a new sport, launching our new website, or investing more into our Field Maintenance Program, we're always trying to increase player satisfaction. For your chance to win, like our Facebook Page, find the contest post and tell us what you'd like to see from the ESSC in the next 15 years! $100 ESSC gift card and a $50 O2's gift card

Original Supporters

Thank you so much to all of our Original Supporters who wrote into the Club this past month to share their stories!

Picture Year Started Comments
Mandy Dunn
N/A 2005

Mandy was one of the first employees ever hired by the ESSC and she worked out of the GM's kitchen for a few months before they moved into a proper office. In Mandy's words... "The best was storing all of the equipment in Lori's front closet! Open at your own peril... I joined the league because I had a friend that needed more girls on their team and to get out and meet people! I kept playing because I met and made many great friends and loved what the club was all about :) Floor Hockey, Slo-Pitch and Beach Volleyball were always my favorites, but I am pretty sure I played everything at one point or another!"

Steve Bennett
N/A 2005

I started in spring of 2005, I can’t remember where I say the ad. I met Lori and Jamie and we became good friends. We played on almost ever team together. I wanted to get out and meet new people have fun and get fit. I played in the league for 5 years getting to know a lot of people, some I am still very close with today. Even came to my wedding last summer. I played in Volleyball, both Beach and Indoor. Slo-Pitch, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, was on the first Ski Trip to Panorama, and was a part of the first Boot Camp. I was even a GC and EC too.

David Morrow

I've been playing with ESSC since about 2005. I have played Soccer and Pickleball, though I usually play Volleyball, both Indoor and Beach. I am now into my 43rd year in Volleyball and 30+ seasons with ESSC. I like playing with ESSC because it is very easy to manage. The rules are fine, not too picky. You can bring a whole team, or a group and get some extras, or just sign up as a single if you would like to meet new people or simply don't know anyone else doing your sport. I have met a number of really great people over the years. I have also realized why 60+ year olds don't play much soccer (aching legs). My Volleyball career has morphed over the years. I started playing with my daughters and their friends, then have added (and lost) teammates over time. About 5 years ago I started signing up for groups and singles teams. This has been great. My current team was formed that way and we are now into our third season. I expect (hope!!) to continue playing for perhaps another 30 years, but may have to slide down the scale as time goes by and I move slower... Despite the age gap (and maybe skill gap) my teammates have been good fun to play with. We like the "not too competitive" aspect of this level of play. We try to run our moves and plays, but no one is too concerned if it doesn't come off quite as hoped. I do like the surprise on some of my young opponents faces when I stuff a great block on them, or pound one past them - I guess they might feel no threat until they see me in action... Hey, keep it coming.

Michael Nistor

I started with the ESSC in 2006 playing Flag Football on a singles team. There was only 1 day available and 6 teams total. There were really no Sponsor Bars like what there is today,  just cards the captain would have to give to their team for perks at Hudson’s. We only ever played at 1 or 2 fields as not much was available yet. I joined up with a friend as a way to meet new people through sports. I still play Flag Football to this day and hope to not stop anytime soon. The ESSC is a great way to enjoy playing sports, meeting new friends and hanging out at Sponsor Bars after games. I’ve met a lot of great people in Flag Football and I am very grateful to be able to play with them.

Brittany Anderson

I do not specifically play on an ESSC Volleyball team any longer, however I do sub here and there! I also still attend a lot of the Lendrum Friday Night Beach Volleyball Drop-Ins! I still remember the first year I registered... I played on a singles team and it was so much fun!

Scott Walsh

I started playing in the ESSC because it was the only co-ed league in town for Floor Hockey; which allowed some friends and I to join as a small group. I've always loved sports, and the ESSC created a fun atmosphere to play them in and try out some new ones. Over the years, I've continued to play with some of my original teammates, and have met some great new ones along the way.

Rick Westin

I started playing Indoor Volleyball with ESSC in 2008 with a few friends just as a way to get active and have fun together. As they started moving away, I started playing on some individuals teams which was a good way to meet others. I've made a lot of good friends playing with the ESSC and enjoy the community that has developed through playing Volleyball and the friendly competition that comes with that. I've played on about 120 teams with the ESSC through the years, mostly Indoor/Beach Volleyball leagues and tournaments, but also some Tennis, Bowling and Foot Golf.

Lacey Squires
N/A 2009

I started playing in ESSC in 2009 because I was new to the city and didn't really know anyone here. Over the years, I've made some amazing friends playing with ESSC, and got to try out a couple sports that I wouldn't normally have played (Multi-Sport was great for this!). I keep coming back to ESSC because they provide a great co-ed atmosphere to get all your friends on a team, active, and having fun; not to mention drinks at the Sponsor Bars after.

Whitney McLeod
N/A 2009

I started playing Dodgeball in fall of 2009 when I joined an existing team of some friends who needed a girl. Girls were hard to come by back then. I’ve had my ups and downs through the years. For a few seasons I played 4 nights a week. I’ve been injured and broken bones. I’ve played against some pretty bad apples. But I’ve always stuck around because the bad is few and far between and I get to spend at least one night a week hanging out with my friends, playing a game I enjoy and being active. I otherwise may not see my friends for weeks or be active at all. So this is a great reason to spend time together. And it gets me out of the house - I work from home so that’s a big deal!

Did You (or Someone You Know) Play ESSC in the Early 2000's?

We're looking for people that played in the ESSC during the early 2000's. If you were one of our original supporters, please email caitlin@edmontonsportsclub.com and let us know what and when you played. Once we verify, you will automatically win a prize! 

Also, if you know someone that played back in the day, please let them know that we'd love to hear from them.