15th Anniversary

ESSC's 15th Anniversary Celebration

The Edmonton Sport & Social Club (ESSC) was founded in 2004 based on a rising need: adult Edmontonians love to play sports and have fun! The goal of the ESSC is to encourage as many people as possible to ‘get in the game’ as we believe in the physical, mental, and social benefits that sport provides.

Back in 2004, the ESSC launched it's first Summer season with 32 teams: 4 Slo-Pitch, 18 Beach Volleyball, 4 Ultimate, and 6 Outdoor Soccer. Now, the ESSC is expecting over 1,100 teams in it's Summer 2019 season across all 15+ sports!

The ESSC staff are all thrilled to be celebrating 15 years of sport & social and they know it would not be possible without all of you, our players and loyal supporters!

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. To celebrate, we've got contests and giveaways!

Weekly Contests

We're giving away a grand prize every Thursday for the month of June on our ESSC Facebook Page.

Contest Date Contest Details Contest Prize
Thursday, June 13

In 2004, Rob & Lori started the ESSC in Lori's kitchen. Her closet was the equipment room! Rob & Lori ran the ESSC's first Summer season with 32 teams! To give you an idea of how long ago this was, we didn't accept our first online payment until 2 years after this. All team registrations were paid for via cash/cheque. For your chance to win, like our Facebook Page, find the contest post and comment with how long you've been playing with the ESSC!

$100 ESSC gift card and a $50 Original Joe's gift card
Thursday, June 20 Over the past 15 years, we've had a total of 44,775 teams play with us, which equates to ~40,000 League Championship T-Shirts. For your chance to win, like our Facebook Page, find the contest post and send us a snap of your champ shirt(s). This could be a photo of you, your team, your dog wearing it, the shirt in your laundry bin... whatever! $100 ESSC gift card and a $50 Hudsons gift card
Thursday, June 27 Things are quite different at the ESSC than they used to be! Whether we're introducing a new sport, launching our new website, or investing more into our Field Maintenance Program, we're always trying to increase player satisfaction. For your chance to win, like our Facebook Page, find the contest post and tell us what you'd like to see from the ESSC in the next 15 years! $100 ESSC gift card and a $50 O2's gift card

Did You (or Someone You Know) Play ESSC in the Early 2000's?

We're looking for people that played in the ESSC during the early 2000's. If you were one of our original supporters, please email caitlin@edmontonsportsclub.com and let us know what and when you played. Once we verify, you will automatically win a prize! 

Also, if you know someone that played back in the day, please let them know that we'd love to hear from them.