Ice Hockey Referee (REF)

Thank you for your interest in the Ice Hockey Referee (REF) position for our SSCHL 5-on-5 Ice Hockey League. To view the job details below, select a grey title bar - this will allow you to expand or collapse each section.

ESSC Culture

The SSC culture (Edmonton and Calgary offices) is built on a foundation of high performance and results, along with teamwork and collaboration. We place a strong emphasis on hiring exceptional people and giving them the tools and guidance that they need to excel in their roles. New staff are given strong support and direction but are encouraged to gain freedom through commitment and results.

Responsibilities & Qualifications

Now you can GET PAID to GET IN THE GAME! Becoming a referee will allow you to get involved and meet new people in the league each night. This is a great opportunity to be a leader and help coordinate our brand new SSCHL 5-on-5 Ice Hockey league!

This position involves overseeing the games at the arena, starting games, monitoring the action by calling penalties as required, and signing off on score sheets that are submitted to the ESSC office. This is an active job, requiring 1-3 shifts per week.

Start Date: Training begins seasonally. We have 2 seasons annually. Fall (Sept 27th until Dec 8th) and Winter (Jan 16th until March 27th).

Hours: 1-3 shifts per week - Shifts are available on Monday nights. 


  • Arrive at arena 15 minutes prior to 1st game.
  • Organize equipment; get ready for the games.
  • Monitor the games by assigning penalties as required, moving along the ice with the action.
  • Have a loud voice and presence.
  • Confirm score sheets are accurate at the end of each game.


  • Punctual with a reliable vehicle
  • Confident
  • Respectful
  • Hockey Background
  • Personable
  • Assertive
  • Coachable
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

Compensation Package

Rate of Pay:

  • $50.00/game. A referee will be expected to do 1-3 games per night.

Bonus Opportunities:

  • We encourage all referees to participate within the league on nights that they are not scheduled to work. In an effort to get more staff involved in the game, referees are offered a Playing Bonus based on the number of hours worked in a season. Below is a breakdown of the Referee Playing Bonus scale:
Shifts Worked During Season Compensation Value
Less than 7 $0
7-10 $60
11-16 $75
17+ $90

How to Apply

All applicants must complete the Online Pre-interview form. Please attach your resume and cover letter at the bottom of the pre-interview form. Attn. Mitchel Friesen, Field Staff Manager.