Games Coordinator (GC)

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GC Testimonials

Aaron Mitra

Number of seasons completed: 9

Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball

When I started as a Games Coordinator in the ESSC, I did not know what to expect. In fact, I was a nervous wreck. Over time, I have grown to appreciate everything the league has to offer. I have embraced the fun-first attitude of the league. This has made me enjoy my time with the ESSC. I have built strong social bonds with the players. I can truly say that I have never viewed my time with ESSC as “work”. I have also become a regular player in the league This has also increased my involvement and engagement with the ESSC. I love the social aspect of GCing and I hope to be doing it in the future for a long time. Cheers!


Nathan Steinhubl - Games Coordinator Head Trainer

What does it mean to be a GC? Well to me it means to be apart of something more than just sports but to a community. The ability to interact with the players and help make our sports grow and make new connections is spectacular. The job itself is great too. Flexible hours and a great team that helps you through thick and thin! This job has helped me with public speaking, conflict management and also with my leadership skills which I am able to use more effectively in my everyday life.  Its a great job filled with many learning experiences and amazing interactions. 

General Overview

Now you can GET PAID to GET IN THE GAME! Becoming a GC will allow you to get involved and meet new people in the league each night. This is a great opportunity to be a leader and help coordinate ESSC league nights!

This position involves overseeing the games at the gym, setting up the equipment, meeting team captains, starting games, monitoring the action by calling plays or penalties as required and filing game reports to the ESSC office. This is an active job, requiring 2-4 shifts per week.


Start Date: Training begins seasonally. We have 4 seasons annually. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.


  • Arrive at gym 15 minutes prior to 1st game
  • Organize equipment; get ready for the games
  • Host a captains meeting before the game; discuss key rules, set expectations
  • Monitor the games by assigning penalties/fouls as required, moving along the floor with the action and keeping score
  • Complete a game report for each game and submit them online the following day by midnight.

Sports Offered: Basketball, Dodgeball, Ball Hockey, Multi-Sport and Soccer.

Hours: 4-16 hours per week. We have shifts available Sunday thru Thursday. GCs have the ability to be flexible and are able to pick the nights that they are available to work.


  • Confident
  • Respectful
  • Sports Background
  • Personable
  • Assertive
  • Coachable
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

Compensation Package

Hourly Rate of Pay:

$17.00/hour to start. GCs can obtain raises after the completion of their 4th, 8th. and 16th season.  For a breakdown of potential hourly earnings, please see below:

Season Pay Rate
0-4 Seasons  $17.00
5-8 Seasons  $18.00
9+ Seasons  $19.00
17+ Seasons  $20.00

Bonus Opportunities:

Season End Performance Bonuses are also available and successful GC's can earn up to $1.00/hour worked throughout each season and a playing bonus based off the amount of hours a GC worked in a season.Below is a breakdown of the GC Playing Bonus scale:

Hours Worked During Season Compensation Value
0-20 $0
21-40 $60
41-70 $75
71+ $90

How to Apply

All applicants must complete the Online Pre-interview form. Please attach your resume and cover letter at the bottom of the pre-interview form. Attn. Jacob Cislik, Field Staff Manager.