Player Liaison


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ESSC Culture & Testimonial


The SSC culture (Edmonton and Calgary offices), is a performance-oriented environment. We place a strong emphasis on hiring exceptional people and giving them all of the support that they need to excel in their roles. New staff are given strong guidance and nurturance, but are encouraged to gain freedom through commitment and results. Employees meet with their manager each week to discuss past goals and to create a plan for success. Ongoing skill development sessions aid in increasing all employees' effectiveness in their roles. We also like to have fun: frequent staff outings and trips (during non-Covid times), Innovations and Get Active programs and staff lunches are a few examples of our work hard, play hard mentality.

A note from our Calgary PL:

I began working at the CSSC as the Player Liaison in August, 2018, after graduating from Mount Royal University.

Whether it’s discussing our own leagues and how to improve them or talking about the latest Flames win, I find that I am always chatting sports with colleagues. It’s tough to not have a good day at work when sports are at the forefront.

As the Player Liaison at the club, you are given the opportunity to join an office full of great people, who all have the same goal in mind: To provide the best sport (and social) experience possible to every Calgarian and Edmontonian we can. We are always looking for ways to make our leagues and events better. Being part of the SSC team is very fulfilling, you will have every opportunity to grow professionally, and make friends along the way. We work hard to provide a quality product to our respective cities, but the Club also takes care of us with great benefits, excellent progression reports and plans, and flexible holidays.

Some of my favourite aspects of my role within the Club are:

  1. Overseeing the sportsmanship program. Being the one in charge of contacting teams and creating positive experiences out of negative ones is something that I look forward to the most when I come into the office every day. Obviously, when teams go above and beyond with positive sportsmanship, being the one that gets to formally reward them for being so phenomenal is a treat!
  2. Stat research. With so many different leagues and divisions, it can be tough to decide which one to play in. Being able to look back on team’s previous seasons and getting into the numbers is something that I take deep interest in. Being responsible for creating the most evenly skilled divisions across all nights and sports is a challenging, but fascinating task!
  3. Gym Visits, Scouts, and Fixes. Working in the office is great, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and about and go check out a new facility that our club could use for the wide array of sports that we offer, or being able to use my hands and fix equipment is a nice change of pace every once in a while!

If you love sports and being able to provide a quality sporting experience to thousands of people every day, then the ESSC will be a good fit for you!

Responsibilities & Qualifications

Join our hard-working office team and help us run successful leagues year-round! This is a full-time position where the candidate will be involved in many areas of the Club. The main focuses will be sportsmanship, facility management and league administration. The Player Liaison (PL) will have a significant impact on our players’ experiences, will be an essential part of ensuring leagues run smoothly each day and will play an important role in our Facility Program.

Hours: Full-time hours (40-44 per week) Monday to Friday; between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm. Some evening work will be required during season start-ups (January, April, July, and September).

Start Date: May 2021


Every employee has an impact on the success of the SSC. Below is a list of the four main components of the Player Liaison position.


  • Set-up and manage the sportsmanship tracker
  • Review all game reports, comments and online submissions for sportsmanship issues
  • Determine sportsmanship rulings and create follow-up plans
  • Follow-up with teams via e-mail and phone with decisions and consequences
  • Occasionally visit teams/players with sportsmanship issues at their games
  • Manage the positive sportsmanship programs (Lady Bing, Hall of Fame and ToW)
  • Conduct seasonal reviews
  • Work with the management team to develop program improvements

Facility Management:

  • Set-up facility visit tracker prior to each season
  • Scout and rate facilities
  • Visit facilities before and throughout each season to ensure standards are upheld
  • Maintain and re-stock sports equipment at all facilities
  • Update facility descriptions
  • Enter and proof permits into our scheduling software
  • Assist the League Operations Manager with other facility items

League Administration:

  • Track and record team statistics for divisional alignment seasonally
  • Assist in creating, posting and communicating league schedules
  • Participate in back-end tasks relating to developing and running successful leagues


  • Attend weekly goal setting and review meetings
  • Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings and staff events
  • Attend internal training sessions (conflict management, customer service, learn-a-sport)
  • Participate in sport and league improvement projects

Experience and Qualifications


  • A post-secondary diploma or degree
  • High level of computer competence with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Conflict Management experience is an asset


  • Respectful
  • Good Communicator: written and oral
  • Driven and goal-oriented
  • Organized
  • Intelligent
  • Able to work under deadline pressures
  • Independent worker with strong group work skills
  • Flexible with work schedule; able to work evenings or longer days as required

Compensation Package


  • $20.00/hr + Benefits
  • Regular performance evaluations facilitate growth in responsibilities and compensation

Benefits & Extras:

  • Comprehensive Group Benefits
  • $500 Health /Wellness Spending account
  • Unlimited free play in Sport and Social Club leagues and tournaments
  • Discounts on special events
  • Free team building events and annual Club-wide development trip

How to Apply

All applicants must complete the online pre-interview form. Please attach your resume and cover letter at the bottom of the pre-interview form. Attn. Tim Kasper, Manager of League Operations.

Please Note: Our Player Liaison job title has had a makeover. We've changed the title of this position to Player Relations Coordinator as it is more descriptive of the role. Job duties remain the same and all successful applicants will be contacted within 1 - 2 weeks for a phone interview.