Jugo Juice

About Jugo Juice

Whether you’re on your way to your Slo-Pitch game at John Fry, Turf Soccer at the Soccer Dome, shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, or anything in between, our friends at Jugo Juice make delicious yet healthy possible. How? A) Endless locations B) Premium Fruit C) Fresh Vegetables D) No Fillers. They know it’s best not to mess with what Mother Nature created, they just have their ‘Smoothieologists’ find the best parts and blend them together. The result is mouth-watering, and ever-evolving. In the same way we grow our list of sport offerings, the innovations team at Jugo Juice love expanding your tastebuds and pride themselves on being the first to spot the latest flavour trend and bring it to you.

ESSC Exclusive Offer

Next time you get the urge for all things fresh and healthy, pop by a Jugo Juice and flash them your fancy ESSC Membership Card. That’s when they’ll hook you up with a FREE Xtra Benefit such as: Skinny, C-Buster, Jumpstart, Powerzone, Turmeric, Maca and Matcha Green Tea! To find a Jugo Juice nearest you, Click Here.