BonSpiel. FunSpiel. WhoSpiel? YouSpiel!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Marketing Manager

The ESSC’s bi-annual Curling FunSpiels are without a question the most fun weekends of the year. HOOOW FUN ARE THEY? They are so fun, we literally renamed them to ‘FunSpiel’ (rather than BonSpiel) because ‘fun’ needed to be in the title.

Sure, I get that the sport of Curling can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar, but our FunSpiels are ‘Really Recreational,’ meaning they’re for the newbie, the pro, and everything in between. If you’re new to the sport, ease your way in at this event. If you’re a pro, enjoy a fun-first day of Curling and show the newbies why it’s Canada’s favourite sport.

All of our FunSpiels have a bar on-site, so you can enjoy a few (a lot) of pre-game, during-game and after-game beverages, play some party games (hello, life-size Jenga!), and make some friends during the event. It doesn’t stop there. The party goes all the way into the night with an after party held on-site. Stick around for some champ shirt presentations, door prizes, and party games!

I haven’t even got to the best part. Every FunSpiel is themed! A few of my faves?

Convinced? You’re in luck. We’ve got our next FunSpiel coming up on March 3rd. Details here.