The Curling Zoo

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Manager of League Operations

Any time you show up at the Curling Club, you’re sure to see quite the array of people. All shapes, sizes, backgrounds and most importantly…. outfits!

One of the funniest aspects of this quickly growing sport is the atmosphere. Teams are always in good spirits and often a team’s outfit accurately reflects that. However, any time you’re on the sheets, you’re sure to see the following:

The Goofs:

These are the teams that are strictly there for the good times. The outfits are loud, bodacious, and sometimes cringeworthy. It may be someone dressed as Super Mario or someone in a Banana Costume. You’re confident that if they’re your competition that week, a Lady Bing nomination will ensue. Laughs will be had by all.

The Wanna-Be Pro’s:

These guys look the part. They’ve got all the gear and look like they’re preparing for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Their brooms and shoes look totally legit…until they get on the ice. It’s at this point that you realize it’s all a façade and they’re really just your average joes hurling rocks.

The Wanna-Be Joe’s:

These guys know they’re the real deal, but they try to play it cool. They’re nonchalant about their playing experience. “Oh yea, I’ve played a couple of times,” is what they’ll say. Little do you know, they got game.

The Vets:

This is for the older crowd out there. They don’t engage in trash talk. They’ve been around the circuit for decades. They’re seasoned vets who are as consistent as it gets. Sure, their equipment may be from the 80’s, but it still does the trick. Better not try any funny business with this lot….