Let’s Talk Strategy – How To Throw

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sports Administrator

There’s no feeling more glorious on the dodgeball court than throwing a spicy rocket across the court and getting someone out. The coordination, the precision, the POWER – amazing. So get your jalapeños ready because in today’s edition of Let’s Talk Strategy, we are going to learn how to throw straight fire.

Step 1: Chose how you want to grip the ball.

  • Traditional grip: Spread those fingers and grab the ball. You’ll want to hold it similarly to how you would hold a tennis ball, grapefruit, or the lid of a freshly opened jar of extra hot, chunky salsa.
  • Cradle grip: Place the ball on your wrist then curl your hand around it to form a cradle. People with smaller hands tend to prefer this grip as it allows for a firmer hold – we can’t all palm the ball!

Step 2: Assume the position.

  • It can be easier to gain momentum for your throw if you are walking or running up to the center line, but you can also start from standing still.
  • Your body will need to be perpendicular to the person you are throwing at, with your throwing arm being closer to the back of your court.
  • In order to get maximum power on your throw, the elbow of your throwing arm should be level with and behind your shoulder.

Step 3: Let ‘er rip!

  • Take a step forward with your non-dominant leg. As you are stepping, you will be rotating your hips, torso, shoulder and finally your arm in a whip-like rotation. Release the ball once your foot is planted and your arm is fully extended (the end of the “whip”).
  • Follow through after releasing the ball. Your throwing hand should end up near the opposite hip.
  • All of this should be happening in one smooth motion, which can require a lot of coordination. Don’t be discouraged if your throws are only mildly spiced to start! It can take time and practice to build your throw to the desired level of heat.

If that was far too wordy for you, or if you’re a visual learner, I would recommend watching a baseball pitcher throw. The dynamics are very similar! And don’t forget to check out some of our other Let’s Talk Strategy installments for more tips.

Now that you are ready to throw, make sure you let your opponents know to bring some sour cream to their next game, because it’s about to get SPICY. Good luck, hot stuff!