Let’s Talk Strategy – Throwing Solo

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Manager of League Operations

It is right around the Holiday Season where it can be tough for folks who fly solo, but not today! This edition of Let’s Talk Strategy is for all of you independent people, all the unrestricted free birds, all of you tapping into your inner Hans. That’s right – I’m talking to you: the soloists.

Like J.T. and N’Sync or Arianna and Pete, sometimes you are just better off on your own. While traditionally in dodgeball the strongest strategies circle around strategies to work as a cohesive unit, there are opportune moments when you can make like Queen circa 1984 and break free.

So when is it OK to throw alone?

  1. Playing Supportive Defense
    When one of your teammates has rushed up to the line to make a play and they find themselves in no man’s land - unguarded and exposed - this is where your solo throw will shine. You must recognize this play early and pick up your ball quickly. Throw toward your opponent’s attacking player - you don’t need to make contact, rather buy your pal some time to retreat.
  2. Opportunistic Attacking
    When you recognize that your opponent has become stranded in no man’s land or if you can catch them on retreat from a solo attack of their own – seize these moments when you are certain that your solo throw will get someone out.
  3. The Last Person Standing
    You are all that your team has left and you have no choice. Be your team’s Obi Wan Kenobi - you are their only hope. Keep a steady pace that you can maintain. Be mindful of your court position and your opponent’s movements/ball count. Keep an eye on the time – as the seconds die down you’re going to need to go hard or go home!

Throwing alone is not a recommended strategy, in general. So if you are going to go solo, try to aim below the waist to (avoid getting caught) and go as far forward as you can (minimize the distance to your target and maximize the power of your throw).

Go on out there and throw your best throws!