We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do. We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?

Thursday, March 30, 2023
Caitlin Richler
Director of Marketing

A NEW SPIRIT POINT SYSTEM IS IN TOWN. At the Sport and Social Club, ‘improvement’ is the name of the game. We are constantly seeking feedback from our players because our Club wouldn’t be our Club without you. Over the past several months, our team has been working on a full overhaul of our Spirit Point System to better match what our players value most, and to make our processes for managing sportsmanship issues at league nights cleaner and faster. This past Winter 2023 season, several divisions were selected to trial the new system and provide their feedback. Their feedback? GET’R DONE. So. Here’s how it works:


Now, we’re on a 2-rating system. If there were NO issues at game time or there were minor issues that were resolved during the game, you will award your opponent with a +1.

A ‘0’ is given for serious sportsmanship complaints only, and all 0 ratings must be accompanied by a Complaint Form (submitted by 5pm the following day). If we don’t get a Complaint Form, we will revert the rating back to a +1. Can’t find the Complaint Form? It’s easy to locate on our website:

  1. Click Leagues
  2. Choose Your Sport
  3. Click ‘Sportsmanship and Awards’ from the Hub
  4. Click Complaint Form

A '-1' rating no longer exists.



The short answer is - the same way as always - but we made you a table to ensure it's clear!

Sports With a GAMES COORDINATOR Present Sports With an EVENT COORDINATOR Present Sports With NO COORDINATOR Present
Ball Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, Multi-Sport, Soccer Flag Football, Flag Rugby, Ultimate Kickball, Slo-Pitch, Soccer
Team Captains will submit a rating for their opponent to the Games Coordinator. The Games Coordinator will also assign a rating of '+1' or '0' to each team. Therefore, the total Spirit Points a team could earn at each game is 2. Team Captains will submit a rating for their opponent to the Event Coordinator along with their game score(s). Team Captains will submit a rating for their opponent online on the score reporting form.



Yell it with us now... SPIRIT POINTS NO LONGER DIRECTLY IMPACT A TEAM’S POSITION IN THE STANDINGS, REGARDLESS OF SKILL LEVEL. Instead, Spirit Points will only be used as the first tiebreaker.

BUT REMEMBER – no bad deed goes unpunished. If a team receives three ‘0’ ratings in a single season, they will be subject to a total points deduction due to Spirit. We call this ‘Points Lost to Spirit/Sportsmanship (PLS)’ and you’ll see this new column pop up in your leagues’ standings if it wasn’t there before.

Here’s a Ball Hockey example for all the visual learners out there (like myself!):

Finally, the breakdown. How do we rank our teams in order from first through last? Like so:

  1. Total Points (PTS)
  2. Total Spirit (SPT)
  3. Differential (+/-)

If teams are still tied after those three criteria, the next tie breaker is the result from a regular season match between the tied teams. Whoever won in the regular season would seed higher. If that was a tie, we flip a coin.



Play nice. No matter your sport or your skill level, we are a fun-first Club and pride ourselves on being a social and inclusive place to play. While we all love the heat of the competition (seriously, you should see the types of bets and competition we get ourselves into at the office), remember that there is no cash prize on the line and there are no scouts attending our games.

When you do report ratings, remember to follow the new 2-rating system: ‘+1’ or ‘0.’

If you submit a '0,' you must also submit a Complaint Form before 5pm the following day.