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Ball Hockey Rule Updates

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Are you ready to tickle some twine while wearing your hockey gloves? Do you hate being glued to your small crease area? Well, have no fear, your rule updates are here! Thanks to those who completed our most recent Ball Hockey Survey, sent out a few months ago. We analyzed every result and are thrilled to launch a multitude of new and exciting changes to our Ball Hockey leagues, starting this Fall.

Smitty and the Slammer: New Suspension Length Guidelines

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tiger Williams, Tie Domi, Bob Probert, Brian McGrattan. Those guys LOVED sitting in the sin-bin, they loved it so much that collectively, they spent about eight full days in the box.

Only difference between them and you, the SSC players is they were paid copious amounts of cash to sit in what they would call the best seat in the house to watch their respective teams pursue the greatest trophy in sports, The Stanley Cup.

Finding a Sub: The Struggle is Real

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We have all experienced those players on our team, you know, the one who only shows up to about 40% of your league games. Their excuses are always (somewhat) valid – “I’m swamped at work,” “My car got stuck in the snow,” “I had to feed Mr. Meowington” – but they usually pay their league fees in full and they’re always up for a post-game beer, so we put up with them anyway.

You don’t want to play short (again) so you need to find a sub. This can sometimes be a tedious task, so here are a few tips to help simplify your quest:


Why Only Certain Sticks Are Allowed

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One of the most asked questions regarding our Floor Hockey leagues is “why can’t we use wooden or composite hockey sticks?” Many of you have grown up using these types of sticks playing street hockey with friends and/or organized floor hockey leagues with other organizations. With virtually every sport, players become accustomed to specific equipment, and are generally resistant to change. We get it. You get a feel for a specific piece of equipment, and you are also superstitious!

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