Finding a Sub: The Struggle is Real

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Marketing Manager

We have all experienced those players on our team, you know, the one who only shows up to about 40% of your league games. Their excuses are always (somewhat) valid – “I’m swamped at work,” “My car got stuck in the snow,” “I had to feed Mr. Meowington” – but they usually pay their league fees in full and they’re always up for a post-game beer, so we put up with them anyway.

You don’t want to play short (again) so you need to find a sub. This can sometimes be a tedious task, so here are a few tips to help simplify your quest:


  • Anyone who is at least 18 years old.
  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your friends’ family
  • Your co-workers
  • Your classmate
  • Your cute neighbor (this could be your ‘in’!)


  • Someone from Craigslist. That’s sketch, seriously.
  • Your 16 year old nephew, even if he is the next Josh Donaldson.
  • Your cat. Okay, so it would be super cute to see a cat curling, but that just isn’t feasible.

Finally, how to ask:

  • Text them.
  • Call them (I know, this is a totally out dated form of communication, but it does work, I promise).
  • Use social media to recruit from a large database of your closest friends (insert eye roll here).
  • Use our online request form. Don’t know how? It’s easy.
    • Login to your MyESSC account.
    • Click “Subs” and then “Request A Sub” from the menu on the right.
    • Fill out the applicable game information, press ‘Next’ and BOOM. E-mails are sent to all possible subs.

Happy hunting!