Smitty and the Slammer: New Suspension Length Guidelines

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
A.J. Mike
Player Liaison

Tiger Williams, Tie Domi, Bob Probert, Brian McGrattan. Those guys LOVED sitting in the sin-bin, they loved it so much that collectively, they spent about eight full days in the box.

Only difference between them and you, the SSC players is they were paid copious amounts of cash to sit in what they would call the best seat in the house to watch their respective teams pursue the greatest trophy in sports, The Stanley Cup.

While a SSC Champions T-Shirt is a very, very close second to Lord Stanley, and coveted by all of us who play in any SSC league, we hold sportsmanship to a little higher a degree than the NHL does.

With that being said, the pursuit of a soft, tri-blend cotton T-Shirt in the colour of the Champs’ choice, is something that we all know can get competitive. The grueling off-season training that brings the blood, the grinding in the corners that brings the sweat, and the sweet, sweet relief returning home, bones intact, skin bruise-less, as a result of playing a team sportsmanlike enough to only slap the crap out of the ball, not yours or your teammates limbs. That last one? That brings the tears, the tears of joy!

Now, there are moments even the most careful players can get caught up in the heat of the moment. Like when Sidney Crosby almost slashed Marc Methot’s finger clean off.

Moments like that are frowned upon in the NHL and the SSC alike. Suspension isn’t a word the SSC likes to throw around too often, but when the safety and preservation of a fun-first atmosphere are at risk, it is something that, unfortunately, does get handed down in SSC leagues.

Especially in floor hockey, when the potential for conflict is higher, and the equipment used can be turned into a weapon in a second’s notice.

So, with that, inspired by “Sheriff Shanny” himself, the SSC has developed a new “Suspensions Length Guidelines” Tab under the Floor Hockey Sportsmanship Policy tab.