Dominating The ‘T’

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Marketing Manager

Dominating the ‘T’; no, we aren’t talking about who can steep the best Earl Grey or whip up the best Orange Pekoe, we are talking about a strategy in squash!

The concept of squash is simple enough: return the ball back to your opponent before the ball bounces twice. But maybe you’ve already conquered the basics (after reading our intro article here), and now it’s time to start thinking more about your strategy; we recommend you focus on ‘Dominating the T’.

So how does one Dominate the ‘T’?

  • Well first, we need to determine where the ‘T’ is. No, it’s not at the bottom of the Boston Harbor, but rather it is the area where the half court line intersects with the service line, creating a capital ‘T’-shape.
  • Now that you know where the ‘T’ is, your goal is to return your body to this area after every shot. By returning to the ‘T’, you are enabling yourself to be in the best position to receive your opponent’s shot, where ever it comes from.
  • Didn’t make it back to the exact ‘T’ spot? Not to worry, as it is more so about returning to the general area to optimize your next shot.
  • Ready to add a little spice?! Start changing up your shots to force your opponent out of the ‘T’. This will cause them to move around more, which will in turn give you the advantage of playing in the ‘T’ longer and help to wear out your opponent.