Squash for Dummies

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Manager of League Operations

If you’re looking for an activity that boasts high intensities and will help Squash your cardio goals, but not sure where to begin, give this headline a read - we’ll help you get started with lobbing, nicking, and killing your competition (in a fun-first way)!

First: Gear up! In the ESSC Squash leagues, we provide the balls and players are required to bring their own racquet, protective eyewear, and non-marking indoor shoes.

Second: Familiarize yourself with the court lines and boundaries!

  • The out line refers to the barrier marked along the side and front wall under which all shots must be played.
  • The tin refers to the barrier on the lower portion of the front wall that all shots must make contact above to be playable.
  • The service line refers to the barrier in the middle portion of the front wall that all serves must make contact above to be playable.
  • The service box is a square marked on the floor on either side of the half line that determines where the server must stand when serving.
  • The short line refers to the line that crosses the full width of the court floor at the front of the service boxes.

Third: Get in the game!

  • A server may serve from either service box.
  • A serve is good when it is hit directly against the front wall above the service line and below the outline, and when it reaches the floor beyond the short line – in other words, the ball must be playable for your opponent to return it.
  • The player who is not serving must return the ball before it bounces twice.
  • Returns must hit the front wall above the tin and below the out line and can hit the side or back walls before reaching the front wall.
  • The server alternates services boxes when they win a rally and their opponent serves when they lose a rally.

Before you know it you’ll be driving, boasting, and dropping shots like a champ!