3 Frisbee Drinking Games to Hone Your Ultimate Skills

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Operations Manager

After a long, Alberta winter, it’s time to blow the dust off your frisbee and get ready for another whirlwind season of Ultimate! Unfortunately, in addition to the frisbee being dusty, you and your friends are feeling very rusty from your pizza and Netflix induced off-season. Sounds like you guys may need to head out for some practice before your first Ultimate game of the season. However, getting your buddies out to do wind sprints and passing drills is not going to have a high attendance rate. Instead, entice them for a practice outing by luring them in with the promise of adult beverages and fun! Here are three frisbee drinking games that you can use to get some Ultimate practice in this Summer.

For each of the games described below, a simple game of rock-paper-scissors will be used to determine who goes first.

1. Beersbee

  • This is a personal favorite of mine whenever I go camping. There are several different variations to this one, so I’ll pick the one that I typically go with which has an even greater emphasis on accuracy. This game can be played 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2.
  • Each team will need two poles (I find lath stakes work very well). Set up your two poles side by side about a frisbee-length and a half apart. Each set of poles should be about 20-30 feet away. Next, place a red solo cup upside down on all the poles.
  • The object of the game is for you to knock off both solo cups by hitting your opponent’s poles before your opponent hits yours (drink in hand during play). You will throw the frisbee towards your opponent’s poles and they throw it back towards yours. If you are playing with a partner, you will alternate who throws after each of your tosses.
  • Each time you drop the frisbee, drink (this includes a pass from your own teammate). If your opponent hits your pole and the cup goes flying, but you catch the cup before it touches the ground, you are still safe. If you throw the frisbee in-between both of your opponent’s poles and your opponent doesn’t catch it, both of your opponents must finish their drinks. If they do catch the frisbee as it goes through the middle, they are still safe. Play until you knock both of your opponent’s cups to the ground!
  • This game will test your reflexes, accuracy and communication with your partner!

2. Tips

  • (Alcoholic) beverage in one hand? Frisbee in the other? Great, that’s all you need to play tips!
  • The game is played with two teams of 3-5 players. First, each team will need to designate an experienced thrower that can throw an accurate, chest level pass. When it’s your opponent’s turn to throw they will throw the frisbee towards you and your teammates. Your team will need to “tip” the frisbee using different body parts (hand, foot, head) to your partner(s) who will need to catch it – all while holding a beverage. You can string tips together, so if you one of your teammate’s tips using their hand to your other teammate who tips with their head to you for the final catch. That equates to a point total of 4 (point breakdown below). The tip(s) need to end in a catch for the points to count. First team to 15 wins!
    • Hand – 1 Point
    • Foot – 2 Points
    • Head – 3 Points
  • One of the best things about the game of Ultimate Frisbee is the amount of experimentation that you can play with on the field. Tipping can be a huge advantage to a team if they know how to use it!

3. Frowling

  • Alright, after a long hard day of Beersbee and Tips the sun is starting to go down and you may be thinking that this would be a good time to stop drinking and call it a day. Wrong!
  • Gather up the empty cans that I’m sure you have amassed by now and line them up in typical 10-pin bowling fashion. Next ingredient that you’ll need; glow sticks! Turn the tabs 180 degrees and stick the glow sticks through the tab to hold them in place.
  • Next, you’ll want to have some Scotch tape kicking around so you can tape a couple glow sticks to the frisbee, so you can see where you’re throwing. Now, once your cans are placed and your frisbee is glowing you can begin.
  • Each thrower gets two throws to try and knock down as many cans as they can. The person who went before the current thrower will be responsible for resetting the pins before the next player.
    • Gutter? You drink.
    • Spare? Everyone else drinks.
    • Strike? Everyone else drinks two.
    • Just hit a couple cans on each of your throws? Nothing happens.
  • Each person is allowed one full drink refill to keep playing. Last person with a drink still in their hand wins! ‘Spirit of the Game’ rule is in effect, so don’t cheap out on your sips.
  • The low shots that just graze atop of the grass are a thing of beauty when they work in a game. However, they take a lot of practice to perfect. A few rounds of Frowling will have you cutting the grass like a pro.

Well there you have it, three Ultimate Frisbee “drills” to train you and your team to a winning season.

Good luck out there!