We are On the Ball!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Leagues Coordinator

Here at the Sport & Social Club, we like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to equipment upgrades and improvements to ensure our players are using the best-of-the-best! The newest addition for 2019 is the integration of the Molten Indoor Volleyball. Here’s a quick description of the three balls now in circulation:

  • Wilson: Usually white with one other colour; highly padded and soft on the arms; voted most likely to get stuck in the rafters due to how light it is.
  • Mikasa: Dark blue and bright yellow; dense and best to wear long sleeves while getting used to; absorbs more energy which means you have more control.
  • Molten: White, red, and green; trendy, hexagonal texture enhances grip and overall technology reduces turbulence. “Is a top choice for elite athletes around the globe” – Molten USA
  Willson MIkasa Molten
Recreational Plus    
Intermediate Plus

The table above reflects the options you will find across each division. It’s best to expect a bit of a transition at the start of the year as we integrate Molten across the league.

The ball is in your court now and we hope you enjoy!