About Waypoint

You know those cute little convenience stores next to the Mobil gas stations next to Superstore? Yup, we are talking about a 200 sq ft space that’s probably smaller than your living room. Though we are small, we think we’re doing big things in your community.

Waypoint is the new kid on the block, featuring locally sourced products in a convenience store. Makes sense, right? Why shouldn’t you be able to get delicious home-crafted caramels, or local kettle corn from the farmers market, in a convenient location while you fuel up. Did we mention we have artisan pepperoni sticks as well from Meuwly’s on 124th? And if you’re craving your typical drink or sweet/salty treats, we got those too.

Bring your friends, kids, partners, grandparents, dogs, kitchen sink, or whoever you hang with these days and check out Waypoint in your community around the Edmonton area! See locations below or visit our website for more information: WaypointConvenience.com.

ESSC Exclusive Offer

Next time you get the urge for tasty local snacks or your fav chips or drinks, show our local Waypoint attendants your fancy ESSC Membership Card. That’s when they’ll hook you up with a 15% discount on all locally made Canadian Kettle Corn and Kick Ass Caramel products. Road trip, anyone?