Rink Policies and Game Times

The ESSC rents private curling facilities. As tenants, players must respect the standards and rules of each facility:

  • Outside alcohol is prohibited inside any facility and in the parking lots.
  • Treat all Facility Operators and staff with respect. 
  • Please arrive at the facility 15 minutes before your scheduled game time to check-in, allow time to change, warm-up, or stretch. 
  • Do not enter the ice surface until the permitted start time.
  • Players must wear clean, indoor shoes. No outside shoes allowed on the ice.
  • Players are responsible for property damage inside or outside of the facility.
    • Be mindful of how hard you are throwing rocks.
    • Do not let rocks crash into the end boards or the hack.
    • Do not tap the ice with the end of the broom or crack the ice.
    • No sitting or laying on the ice.
    • No colored beverages on the ice. Water must be kept in a sealed container.
  • Players are expected to clean up after themselves.

Any player who causes the ESSC to receive a complaint regarding a Curling Facility rented by the ESSC will receive a $100 fine and may be ejected from the League. 

Curling start times can vary depending on the League registered for:

  • Sunday (Shamrock) 4:00pm
  • Monday (Crestwood) 7:00pm - 9:15pm
  • Tuesday (Saville) 8:45pm
  • Wednesday (Saville) 6:15pm


Equipment Brooms Sliders Crutches Indoor Shoes
Provided by the Facility Yes Yes Yes No
Required of Players  Optional  Optional  Optional Yes
  • Players are encouraged to bring their own equipment to the facility if they desire.
  • All players must bring a pair of clean, indoor shoes to the facility.
  • Any player that damages borrowed equipment will be responsible for the replacement costs.