Spring 2023 Rule Updates

  • Format - Teams will play two games a night against different opponents. Games consist of two 15 minute halves, with a 5 minute half time.
  • Start of Play - Further clarity provided on kick-offs and the amount of distance that the opposing team must provide once possession is established
  • Advancing the Ball
    • Further clarity provided on knock-on; when ball is turned over due to a forward passing motion.
    • Further clarity provided on Ruck balls.
  • Kick-Offs
    • OLD: If the ball travels out of bounds, prior to reaching the opponents receiving it, the receiving team can request a re-kick or take possession of the ball 5-yards from where it crossed the boundary line.
    • NEW: If the kickoff goes directly out of bounds without bouncing the receiving team will start with the ball from where the kick was taken. If the kickoff bounces and goes out of bounds, the receiving team will get possession of the ball from where it went out of bounds.