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The ESSC Team of the Week program is all about recognizing teams that are dedicated to positive sportsmanship and playing with a fun-first mentality.

How it works: Each week throughout the season the ESSC will recognize one team for their positive attitude and great sporting behavior. To be eligible, teams must first be nominated for the Lady Bing Award in a given season. All nominated teams will then have a chance to submit a photo and a short biography in order to be eligible for a Team of the Week Prize.

Prize: Each Team of the Week winner will receive a $100 gift card to The Canadian Brewhouse and will be recognized on social media.

You can help us recognize great sportsmanship by nominating a team for the Lady Bing Award. Click here to nominate a team!

Fall 2018 Winners

Team Bio
Captain: Gina Duong 

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 5+
Nominated by: Dylan du Cloux

History: The team PS is a group of glorious ladies and gentlemen got together several years ago with a common goal of winning champion t-shirts. Only after 1 season we quickly found how much fun essc co-ed slopitch is, and over the seasons, the less we cared about winning t-shirts the more it became about just having a good time. These days we still have the goal to fill a closet with champion t-shirts but come for the overwhelming welcoming environment that follows with a great time.

Team Bio
Slapnut Magoos
Captain: Dylan du Cloux

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 5+
Nominated by: Kevin Labonte

History: We are the Slapnut Magoos. We have no idea what our name means, where our jersey idea came from, or even how to play slo-pitch. But after several losing seasons, we still show up every week to have some beverages and get struck out. We are a laid back group and fully believe that there’s nothing worth crying over (other than spilt beer) so the teams that can chirp our lack of skill better than we chirp ourselves are our favourite teams to play against!

Team Bio
Surf and Turf
Captain: John Gregory

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Turf Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Meagan Stewart (GC)

History: Surf and Turf are an individuals team, who have quickly bonded to have fun while playing soccer with ESSC. We come from different backgrounds. We have found out about CN trains try to stop bears getting run over, how teaching is going in schools and how international students are recruited. This is are first of what will hopefully be many seasons with ESSC.

Team Bio
Pleather and Sticks
Captain: CD Dolen

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Slo-Pitch 
Seasons in the ESSC: 5+
Nominated by: Bryan Nutbrown

History: My name is CD Dolen from Pleather and Sticks!! We are a team that loves the sport, sun, and we try very hard.... haven't won a game this year so winning the Lady Bing would be awesome!!Our team name came from a play on "Leather and Lumber" Most of the team have been playing together for 5 to 6 years, had different names of course until we came up with one that fit!!

Summer 2018 Winners

Team Bio
Aca Pitches
Captain: Jeremy Weerasooriya

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational South Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 5
Nominated by: Mikaela Donnelly - Chickson Dix

History: The original Aca Pitches started 5 years ago, consisting largely of employees from the south side Costco. The choice of their team name was a result of a team vote, as they are all big fans of the movie Pitch Perfect. Their favorite aspect of ESSC Slo-Pitch is the lack of pressure to win. They find it's a lot easier to recruit players who have never played before when the main goal is to go out and have fun on a summer evening!


Team Bio
Andreo's cousins and uncle
Captain: Andreo Silva

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 6
Nominated by: Yen Tan - UKnighted

History: Andreo's cousins and uncle used to be called "Giuseppe's Nephews" because their uncle started the team with Andreo and his cousins, but as time went by the team name turned to Andreo's cousins and uncle. A few of the team's members are actually cousins and all the new team members have been adopted as new cousins onto the team which makes playing soccer together that much better. They all hang out at and away from soccer and always have a great time playing together. Their team picture below basically sums them up, fun and always having snacks at half (it was popsicles at the game this picture was taken). 


Team Bio
Calm Your Tips
Captain: Henry Yu

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Intermediate B Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Kimiko Pocha - Individuals Team - Itsy Bitsy Spikers

History: Calm Your Tips has been playing volleyball together for almost one season. The team name originates from one creative teammate and the possible assistance of an internet search engine. Some of the team’s favorite aspects of ESSC volleyball include the league’s overwhelmingly friendly teams and the recurring opportunity to practice high 5’s after each rally. Congratulations Calm Your Tips!


Team Bio
Here For The Beer
Captain: Gabrielle LeBlanc

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Kickball
Seasons in the ESSC: 6
Nominated by: Ashley Finucane - Recess Rejects

History: Here For The Beer has been playing in various ESSC leagues for the last couple of year with most of them being in kickball. For the most part they are all friends from university and high school who started out as a trivia team! They are really good at cheering for pretty much anyone on the field whether it is a foul ball or home run. They were nominated for being a very friendly and enjoyable team to play against.


Team Bio
The Fris-Bee's
Captain: Philip Eidick

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational A Ultimate
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: Michael Rausch - Blue Steel

History: A team that is willing to share their Oreos are definitely deserving of a Lady Bing nomination! The Fris-Bee's were also nominated for being a fun and energetic team to play against. They chose the name Fris-Bee's because they like to buzz about, eat honey, and talk with their butts. They play Ultimate because they love to run, throw and sometimes catch the disc. Congratulations to The Fris-Bee's on being selected as one of our Teams of the Week!


Team Bio
Las Vegas Golden Knights
Captain: Milan Djumic

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational A Multi-Sport
Seasons in the ESSC: 5
Nominated by: Larysa Szymanski - Games Coordinator

History: The Las Vegas Golden Nights were nominated by Larysa for being a super nice team that always helps her with setting up of equipment for each game. Their claim to fame is playing their first game before the NHL team which technically should give them the rights to the team name. Their favorite aspect of playing in the Multi-Sport league is every week a different person turns out to be their MVP when his/her sport comes around. This gives everyone a chance to shine.


Team Bio
Llamas on the Beach
Captain: Andrea Pon

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational A Beach Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 5
Nominated by: Kimberly May Gibson - Big Swinging Digs

History: Congratulations to Llamas On The Beach (formerly known as the Volley Llamas) on being selected as one of our Summer Teams of the Week. They have been playing for 5 seasons now and chose the name Llamas On The Beach because they keep being the second team to register with the name Volley Llamas and as such have been coming up with more and more llama related volleyball team names. They love volleyball because it’s fun and really relies on having a great sense of teamwork. 


Team Bio
St. Lunatics
Captain: Anna Singkhone Haggerty

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Plus Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 2
Nominated by: James Wright - The Swingers

History: In their second season with the ESSC, St. Lunatics received a well deserved Lady Bing Nomination. They were nominated for having a positive attitude and engaging in lots of fun banter amongst themselves. Their favorite aspects of playing ESSC Slo-Pitch are the fun first attitudes of other teams in the league, strike out beers, and hanging out with lifelong friends!


Spring 2018 Winners

Team Bio
FC Jello
Captain: Donald Ademaj

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational B 8 vs. 8 Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Sean Mallany - Ladybugs

History: This is FC Jello's first season playing in the ESSC as a team and they love it so far. They love to see the sportsmanship and class between teams, along with a good competitive nature. Their team comprises of some players who have played soccer before, and some who have never played. They all enjoy the game and look forward to every Monday!


Team Bio
Disko Fever
Captain: Miranda Koshelek

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational A Ultimate
Seasons in the ESSC: 7
Nominated by: Michael Rausch - Blue Steel

History: Disko Fever started out as an individuals team in 2016, but at once recognized that they had more in common than just an interest in Ultimate; they all shared a deep passion for the sweet mesmerizing beats of disco music. Since then, the team has played every season (taking up Dodgeball when Ultimate is not offered). The team is known for their slick tie dyed jerseys and their signature play Disco Inferno, which involves taking the disc and “just sending it” in a blaze of disco glory. The team may not always win, but they definitely excel at Stayin’ Alive.


Team Bio
Captain: Emberly Purihin

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Foam Dodgeball
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: Lesley Thompson - Games Coordinator

History: The story of 2Legit2Hit is one of inspiration, determination, and resolve. It’s a story about never giving up, and rising in the face of insurmountable odds. It’s a story about the underdog. No, we are not referring to the classic film Rocky IV, but the story of 2Legit2Hit, which is equally inspiring. Even while taking the worst beating of his life, receiving crushing blow after crushing blow from Ivan Drago, Rocky refused to stay down. This is almost exactly what it feels like to be on team 2Legit2Hit. Week after week, the suffering is relentless, but the laughter and smiles never end. What they lack in skill, endurance, strategy, communication, strength, and general athletic ability, they more than make up for with plenty of heart! Three Cheers for 2Legit2Hit!

Team Bio
Setting Ducks
Captain: Noelle Lin

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Intermediate B Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: Linda Chong - Steam Buns

History: Setting Ducks are inspired by all the hilarious volleyball puns and decided to come up with one of their own! Their favorite parts of playing volleyball are the team bonding and exercise they all get to experience. They have met a lot of wonderful people through the ESSC community and are happy to be a part of the family. They were nominated because they were an overall fun team to play against.

Team Bio
Vicious & Delicious
Captain: Claire Mackenzie

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational A Multi-Sport
Seasons in the ESSC: 5
Nominated by: Joe Lucyshyn - Games Coordinator

History: Vicious & Delicious are a pretty random team that has some recruits from Individuals Teams, work, friends, and family! The result is a team that enjoys every sport and excels at none of them. They aren't too worried about the wins though and Multi-Sport gives them an excuse to hang out each week. They were nominated because they cheer for the opposing team anytime they scored and for helping their opposing team gain a solid understanding of sports rules.




Team Bio
Individuals Team - Underhanded Steals
Captain: Jamie Nielsen

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational North Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Neil Steinhauer - Mother Truckers

History: The Underhanded Steals are a group of wild individuals who joined together to build something magical. While some of them knew each other before, they are just a group of strangers who came together to play ball, and play ball they will. They were nominated because of their ability to share laughs with opposing teams and to resolve any small issues very easily.



Team Bio
The Lords of the Prance
Captain: Jaana Pipke

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational A Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 6
Nominated by: Sarah Dick - The Rebels

History: The Lords of the Prance got their name from one of their original player's husbands who branded them as such (he had a thing for unicorns at the time) and he actually ended up playing for our team 3 years later and still does to this day! Players have come and gone through the years; they have three original team members, friends of the originals, and a whole slew of subs from previous years. They can safely say that their team's priority is nachos and the social times they get to share post-game. 



Team Bio
Amusingly Named Team
Captain: Scott Skjei

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Basketball
Seasons in the ESSC: 2
Nominated by: Andrew Beercroft - Games Coordinator

History: Amusingly Named Team has played for two seasons now and they enjoy the fun first nature that ESSC leagues provide. They all laugh and sweat a lot at their games. They were nominated for showing great sportsmanship and being fully accountable for their fouls at all of their games.



Team Bio
Bright Line
Captain: Justin Brown

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Intermediate B Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 4
Nominated by: Linda Chong - Steam Buns

History: Bright Line is a team of friends and siblings that has grown up together since grade school. One of the most important aspects of playing volleyball for them is being able to meet up, joke around and have fun whether if it’s with each other or with the teams we play against. After a day full of adulting with deadlines, due dates, bills, papers, meetings, or even kids, they look forward to Tuesday nights where we can all come together and play the game we know like old times.



Winter 2018 Winners

Team Bio
Bad Seeds
Captain: Robyn Jacobsen

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational A Badminton
Seasons in the ESSC: ~15
Nominated by: Jarret Esslinger - Jargan

History: Bad Seeds were nominated for the Lady Bing award because they are always fun to play against. Their team sprouted from basically, desperation. They couldn't think of a really excellent name, so they picked "Bad Seeds" by default. Bad is short for Badminton and Seeds is a play on the word "seed" as in, the ranking for the purposes of playoffs. However, it has stuck with them for years and they have grown to love it! Robyn and Joel love that playing Badminton is an opportunity to see each other once a week and catch up as they have been friends for over 20 years!



Team Bio
Sporty People
Captain: Calynn Stumpf

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational C Multi-Sport
Seasons in the ESSC: 4
Nominated by: Stephanie Playdon - Games Coordinator

History: Sporty People were nominated for the Lady Bing award because of their great fun first attitudes they displayed at their games. They like to try different sports which is why they initially chose to play Multi-Sport with ESSC 4 seasons ago. They love the variety of sports they get to play with ESSC Multi-Sport and hope to discover some new sports in coming seasons.



Team Bio
Individuals Team - Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels
Captain: Timotei Albu

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Gym Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Liam S. - Games Coordinator

History: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels were nominated for the Lady Bing award for being a super fun team and getting everyone involved. While they still have many questions about their team's name origin, the fun-loving nature of the team is never question. They are always up for a laugh, enjoying the game, and reminiscing with a cold beverage once the final whistle blows. They look forward to wrapping up their Winter 2018 Gym Soccer season!



Team Bio
Back Dat Pass Up
Captain: Jill Galipeau

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Intermediate A Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: ~8
Nominated by: Matt Shelton - Semi Trucks

History: Back Dat Pass Up was nominated for the Lady Bing award because they are lots of fun to play against, very respectful, and demonstrate great sportsmanship throughout their games. They have been registered as a team for roughly 8 seasons but some of them have been playing together since 2005! You can often find them laughing off their mistakes and giggling uncontrollably at themselves on the court.



Team Bio
Average Joe's
Captain: Jeff Clarke

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational A Multi-Sport
Seasons in the ESSC: 7
Nominated by: Robyn O. - Games Coordinator

History: The Average Joes are now playing in their 7th season with ESSC! They switch between Multi-Sport in the winter seasons and Slo-Pitch in the summer. They enjoy the change of sport every week in multi-sport and they can see themselves constantly improving with each opportunity they get to play. They would be the first to say that they are definitely better at some sports than others, but they have a great time playing each one. Fairly average is the perfect way to describe their team, hence the name. 



Team Bio
Don Cherrypickers
Captain: Jay Henson

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational B Floor Hockey
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: Jesse - Games Coordinator

History: The Don Cherrypickers have been together forever but are currently in their third season with the ESSC. They originated as a group of friends that share the extreme sport of rollerblading and carried that passion over to Floor Hockey. They were nominated because they play a very clean game with fantastic spirit and sportsmanship.



Team Bio
Volley Llamas
Captain: Yvonne Houle

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational A Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 6
Nominated by: Meagan - Let's Talk About Sets, Baby

History: The Volley Llamas team motto is "What we lack in skill, we make up for in enthusiasm!" They are one of the more senior teams in their Volleyball division with an average age around 50! They all love Volleyball and enjoy the camaraderie, fun, and general craziness of their team members. They play to keep active, involved and even exercise a bit of competition!



Team Bio
Balls of Thunda
Captain: Michael Alexander

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational A Dodgeball
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: Michelle - Games Coordinator

History: Balls of Thunda have played together for 3 seasons but have played together as a team for 4 years! Their mission is to have fun and throw balls at each other but unfortunately, that's not a league. So they play other teams for a bit and once that is done, they then get to throw balls at each other and fulfill their mission! They work together during the days and throw balls together at night which brings the team together even more!



Team Bio
Tall & Small
Captain: Tina Dafoe

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational South Badminton
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Candiss Scott - Red & Ed

History: Tall & Small are a husband-wife duo consisting of Jamieson (Tall) and Tina (Small). With a foot of height and 60 pounds between them, their team name is pretty self-explanatory. Tall & Small enjoy doing many activities together, such as soccer, Ultimate, tennis, and yoga, but this is their first season playing badminton. Their favourite thing about playing badminton is how much of a mental workout it is. Their second-favourite thing is their post-game ritual of eating tons of snacks on the couch. Tall & Small have been pleasantly surprised by how much fun they've been having this season and plan to continue playing badminton with ESSC for years to come!



Fall 2017 Winners

Team Bio
Puck Buddies
Captain: David Nguyen

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Plus Floor Hockey
Seasons in the ESSC: ~5
Nominated by: Jesse Creighton - Games Coordinator

History: Puck Buddies were nominated because of their clean play while also showing great spirit and sportsmanship. They have been playing with the ESSC for a few seasons off and on now. They enjoy the fun aspect of playing in ESSC leagues, as well as the drinks and nachos that come after their games.



Team Bio
Flying Squirrels and Salty Walruses
Captain: Ann Currie

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Intermediate B Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: ~14
Nominated by: Ron Suen - Balzilla

History: The Flying Squirrels and Salty Walruses started off as a Individuals team 6 years ago! They have added and lost a few players over the years but the core group has remained full of friendship and fun. They were nominated because they were all around good hearted people. They look forward to many more enjoyable seasons and love putting the fun first mentality into their games.



Team Bio
The Fighting Mongooses
Captain: Teri Price

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational A Dodgeball
Seasons in the ESSC: 4
Nominated by: Lesley Thompson - Games Coordinator

History: The Fighting Mongooses were nominated because they are always accountable and play with great team spirit! They call themselves "The Fighting Mongooses" because well.. it's a good team name! Their name also happens to be great inspiration for coming up with hilarious and ridiculous in-game cheers, which they would say the are pretty much experts at.



Team Bio
Big Puck Hunters
Captain: Erin Tordoff

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Floor Hockey
Seasons in the ESSC: ~15
Nominated by: Andres Duenas - Games Coordinator

History: The Big Puck Hunters team name is a riff on "Big Buck Hunters", which is their GM's favorite arcade game. They were nominated because they assist the Games Coordinator in setting up the gym and are super respectful and cooperative with the Games Coordinator during their games. Their favorite part about playing Floor Hockey in the ESSC is the time they spend being active and catching up with each other.



Team Bio
Block Party
Captain: Andrea Chiarello

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational A Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 4
Nominated by: Joanna Bruce - Keep It Up

History: Block Party is a team of average height individuals (minus 2) and love to have fun and bring the party every time they play. Their favorite aspect of Volleyball is the concept of "HELP IT" and the camaraderie shared amongst all the teams they play. They were nominated because of the energy, antics, and laughs they bring to their games. They are honored to be nominated for Lady Bing and will continue to display sportsmanship and "fun first" attitude throughout their volleyball careers!



Team Bio
The Basketball Players
Captain: Chris Murray

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational B Basketball
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Dalin Woolley - Games Coordinator

History: Origin of the team name: All of the good sports puns were taken.The Basketball Players were nominated because they religiously called their own fouls and infractions, even one's that could easily have been ignored. They play with superior sportsmanship whether ahead or behind in the score. They also wanted to mention that "Basketball is our favourite sport, we like the way they dribble up and down the court".



Team Bio
Captain: Trevor Persi

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Tennis
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: BranYu, Simply Smashing, and Dare Doubles

History: Tom and Trevor, formerly known as T&T, joined forces in 2017 to play their first ESSC tennis doubles season. Both formidable singles players in their own right, they enjoy tennis for its focus on skill, composure, and sportsmanship. Plus, they grew up playing competitive contact sports so tennis is a different challenge and nice change of pace. The Terminetters play with a fun-first attitude, being true ambassadors for the sport of tennis and ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable match.



Team Bio
Lady Bugs
Captain: Helaina Zyp

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Gym Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 20
Nominated by: Oluseun Adekunle - Games Coordinator

History: Origin of the team name: Some say the ladybugs were named the ladybugs because no one could think of anything better and everyone had a red shirt. Others think someone must have named them after Ladybugs from the the movie of the same name which is a 1992 sports comedy about a girls soccer team that makes it to the championships by having the coach's son Matthew dress up as "Martha" to play on the team. The Lady Bugs are a good looking, intelligent group of public servants, scientists and non-profit workers who love the game and one day aspire to win a season. 



Team Bio
Cruella Dodge Vil
Captain: Leornard Choi

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Plus Dodgeball
Seasons in the ESSC: 2
Nominated by: Garrett Dawes - Games Coordinator

History: Origin of the team name: It was "Dodgeville" came from a text message autocorrect and the rest of the name stemmed from that. Cruela Dodge Vil's favorite aspects of the sport they play is the feeling of teamwork when they play well together and having fun.