ESSC League Policies

Premium Turf Soccer Rulebook

Last Updated: February 2023

Boarded Turf Soccer Rulebook

Last Updated: December 2022


Winter 2023 Rule Updates


  • Removed the rule stating that goalies cannot throw over half.
  • Specified that a goalkeeper cannot pick up a pass from a teammates foot/knee or from throw-in

Free Kicks: Removed rule stating all free-kicks are to be indirect. All free-kicks are now direct except the following which are indirect:

  • a player plays in a dangerous manner - this would be defined as any action that, while trying to play the ball, threatens injury to someone (including themselves) and includes preventing a nearby opponent from playing the ball for fear of injury
  • a player impedes the progress of an opponent without any contact
  • a player commits a verbal offense including dissent, offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  • a player prevents a goalkeeper from releasing the ball from their hands
  • or a player tries to kick the ball when a goalkeeper is attempting to release it.

Handball – Previous wording was "includes top of the shoulders to the fingertips". Updated to "Includes under the shoulder to the fingertips."

Using Body to Advance – Removed section under Violations and Fouls which stated "Advancing in any direction, backside-first, in an attempt to shield defenders from the ball; Players are allowed to shield the ball temporarily if moving, with the ball, in the direction that they are facing; Stationary players are only allowed to shield the ball for up to 5 seconds.”

Reckless Play – Removed incidental body contact and added "excessive force", also clarified that high-kicks are at the discretion of the GC for kicks above an opponent's waist.