Games Coordinators (GCs) are part-time employees who are paid by the ESSC to facilitate games in the following sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Ball Hockey, Indoor Soccer and some Outdoor Soccer leagues. GCs are NOT referees, as the ESSC is a self-officiated league. However, they do play a huge role in ensuring that all players have the best experience possible each and every night.

The ESSC encourages all players to get to know their GCs, learn their names and treat them with the respect that they deserve. It’s a hard job and they are doing their best out there!


GC Roles

Overall, GCs are present to encourage sportsmanlike play and help ensure that the games run smoothly. Players are expected to respect their opponents, the GC, and play by the rules of their sport. The self-officiated aspect of the game should not be overlooked.  

The primary roles of the GC are:

  • Facility Liaison:
    • Act as the onsite contact for the custodian and/or facility staff.
    • Facilitate the set-up, take-down and distribution of equipment.
    • Ensure that the players leave the facility on time.
  • Game Facilitator and Mediator:
    • Hold a pre-game and a half-time meeting with the captains.
    • Start and end the game on time.
    • Call violations that are missed by the players and enforce rules as needed.
    • Ensure teams and players are abiding by the sportsmanship policy.
    • Mediate any disputes between teams.
  • Player Liaison:
    • Represent the Club and act as a link between the players and the League.
    • Communicate concerns from the players to the League, or from the League to the players.
  • Game Reporter
    • Record and announce the score throughout the game.
    • Collect a sportsmanship rating at the end of the game from each team and provide the ESSC with sportsmanship ratings for each team.
    • Report the scores to the ESSC the next day.

Helping the GC

All players are expected to help the GC in order to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible. Players are expected to contribute to the experience in all of the following ways: 

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure that the game can be started on time.
  • Respect the facility, the facility operators/caretakers and the equipment.
  • Review the rules of the sport in advance of the game.
  • Call their own infractions and the infractions of their teammates.
  • Communicate constructively with the GC throughout the game regarding areas of concern. Show respect to the GC and the opponent at all times.
  • Abide by all aspects of the ESSC’s Sportsmanship policy.
  • Provide the GC with a sportsmanship rating for their opponent at the end of the game.
  • Clean up after themselves.
  • Leave the facility promptly after the games have concluded.

GC Benefits

You can now GET PAID to GET IN THE GAME! Being a GC for the ESSC has its perks.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • Paid training.
  • Hourly wage and season end bonuses.
  • Flexible shifts.
  • Team builders and events.
  • ESSC apparel.
  • The opportunity to be a leader and meet new people.
  • Discounted ESSC play.

Becoming a GC

Applying to be a GC is easy and can be done in either of the following ways:

  • If you are interested in applying to be a GC, you can do so through the online application form which can be found HERE.
  • Call or email the ESSC team if you have questions:

GC No-Shows or Absences

Although the ESSC strives to have a GC present and on-time for all games, there could be rare instances where a GC is unexpectedly late or does not show up to their shift. If this occurs, players are expected to:

  • Call the ESSC emergency line at 780-437-9321. An ESSC representative with attempt to get a replacement GC to the facility as quickly as possible.
  • Work with the facility manager or caretaker to find the required equipment.
  • Start, play, and end the game as scheduled.
  • Ensure that the facility is left tidy and unharmed.
  • Email the score and sportsmanship ratings to