Field Permits

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Printing Your Permit

  • Each online schedule lists the names of all of the fields that will be used throughout the season, along with corresponding google map links.
    • Please review the google map links and the specific field locations, as certain sites may have multiple playing fields.
  • Click on the downloadable PDF permit(s) for your sport (there may be more than one permit to check):
    • Press "Ctrl + F" to find a specific field, rather than scrolling through all pages.
    • Print the page that has the specific field that you are looking for, printing the whole permit is not necessary. 
    • Print the first page as well, which lists the Edmonton Sport and Social Club as the permit holder.
  • If you cannot find the permit for your specific field, please contact the ESSC office. In most cases the field has been booked, but the updated permit from the City has not yet been published online.

Field Permit Process

  • The ESSC pays for and books all of the fields used for Outdoor Leagues through the City of Edmonton Recreation Department.
  • Upon confirmation of a booking, the City of Edmonton issues a physical permit to the ESSC. 
  • The Team Captain's (TC's) for this League are required to print the permit for their field/night off the website and bring the permit to the field each week.

Field or Permit Conflicts

  • In rare cases, another group might be on an ESSC rented field at game time; especially in the first week of a season. The main reason for this is that some other groups do not pay for their permits and attempt to just show up to a field before a paying user group has arrived.
  • It is impossible for the City of Edmonton to issue overlapping permits for the same field on the same night.
    • If there is another group on the field that has a permit but is running over their allotted time, please politely remind them of the ESSC permit start time and attempt to collect the name of the group or organization so that the ESSC can follow-up with the City of Edmonton Bookings Department.
    • If there is another group on the field that does not have a permit, please show them the ESSC permit and explain that the field is rented for League play.
      • If the group claims they also have a permit, ask to see their permit. Since it is impossible to have multiple permits for the same field and time, they will not be able to produce a permit.
        • If they do produce a permit, please check to ensure that they are on the correct field at the correct time. Some sites will have multiple playing fields.
      • If the group will not leave the field, call the ESSC Office at 780-429-4263. Do not leave the field, but do not engage in hostile behavior with the other group. Please attempt to collect the name of the group and or coach so that the ESSC can follow-up accordingly.