GC of the Season Awards

Games Coordinators are essential to ESSC leagues and play a huge role in ensuring that all players enjoy themselves each and every night. The ESSC GC Team is continuously growing and although there are many excellent members out at the games, each season the Club recognizes a select few with the GC of the Season Award.


Each winner is nominated through player submissions, ESSC Staff recommendations, and/or based off the Field Staff Manager and GC Head Trainer evaluations. The goal is to award those that display a positive and friendly attitude, while at the same time getting involved with the games and providing players with the best experience possible.

Winter 2019

Games Coordinator Bio
Marisa Maiorana
Sport: Soccer
Rookie Season:  Winter 2018

My name is Marisa Maiorana and I have been playing in ESSC leagues since 2015, and have been GCing since winter season of 2018. I GC and play soccer but I also dabble in ESSC soccer, beach & indoor volleyball, and kickball (my personal favorite); and I have won the coveted title of league champ in each sport (I've got all the T-shirts) so if you ever need a sub hit me up, I am pretty friendly when i'm not GCing. 

Games Coordinator Bio

Dalin Wooley

Sport:  Basketball
Rookie Season:  Fall 2016

I’m a retired Air Traffic Controller and have been involved in sports all my life.  In 2016, I found that my knees would not allow me to referee basketball any longer, so thought I would give a try at being a basketball GC.  My goal is to have fun at sports and encourage everyone else to as well.


Games Coordinator Bio
Kyle Graham

Sport: Floor Hockey, Multi-Sport
Rookie Season: Fall 2018


I have played in the ESSC for 4 seasons now (mostly floor hockey, draft league and my regular team, as well as one season in multisport) and the friendships I’ve built already seem like lifelong friendships! For that reason, I thought I’d try to get more involved in the ESSC and I decided I would try my hand at GCing and I have been now for 2 seasons! I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me and I hope the ESSC will be a big part of it!” 



Games Coordinator Bio
Sylvester Chan

Sport: Floor Hockey
Rookie Season: Fall 2018

Hello my names Sylvester but feel free to call me "Sly". I have been a hockey player all my life, from ball hockey on the streets as a kid to upgrading and playing ball hockey in the ESSC as a teenager, to playing beer league Ice Hockey every winter. I have lots of knowledge of the game of hockey, but one thing i never did was officiate a hockey game. That's why I joined the ESSC as a floor hockey GC. Last season was my rookie season, it had its up and downs with a few missed called here and there. But I was determined to get better, make the game fun and meet people. For the second season I am so happy that I was chosen as the GC of the Season, and it shows that making the game fun and always self-improving really does help. Always be positive and work on improving!