Format and Rosters

League Format

  • The ESSC offers two formats for Tennis:
    • Singles - 1v1 - no gender restrictions
    • Doubles - 2v2 - co-ed and 'open' formats
  • All Tennis Leagues are double opponent; teams will play two matches per night against different opponents
  • All Tennis Leagues use an Event Coordinator (EC)
  • All Tennis Leagues are self-officiated

Game Format

  • All Tennis Leagues use a weekly time slot of 1.50 hours.
    • The time slot will be include a 5 minute warm-up, two 40 minute matches, and a 5 minute intermission.
  • All Tennis Leagues use a rally-point scoring system.
    • Advantage rules will apply, meaning that a game must be won by two points.
  • Each match consists of a single set.
    • The team to win the most games during the set will be declared the winner.
    • When time expires, the current game will be played out, and the score will stand.
    • Ties are possible in the regular season.

Season Length

  • All 8 Week Tennis Leagues use the following structure:
    • 7 week regular season (14 total matches).
    • 1 week of playoffs (2 total matches).
  • All 5 Week (Fall) Tennis Leagues use the following structure:
    • 8 matches (played over 3 total weeks).*
    • 1 week of playoff games (2 total matches).
  • In cases where rain-outs occur, games are made up via double-headers or season extensions (1-2 weeks).

* Fall Leagues Only: All teams will have two 'three-match' weeks built into the schedule.


  • Playoff Format:
    • All teams are guaranteed 2 playoff matches.
    • Only the Top 4 teams will compete for the League Championship.
  • League champs will receive t-shirts that can be picked up from the Season-end Party.
  • There are no ties in playoffs.
    • When time expires:
      • The current game will be played out.
      • If both teams have won the same number of games in the set, a 7 point tie-break will occur.
      • Please refer to the full rule book for tie-break procedures.


Format  Roster Ideal Roster Size
(F) = Female
Total # of Players
required on the court
Total # of Females
required on the court
Singles Open 1 1 0
Doubles Co-ed 2 (1 F) 1 (1 F) 1
Doubles Open 2 2 0
  • A team may bring in subs that are not listed on the roster. To learn more about the sub policies, click here.