EC of the Season Awards

Event Coordinators are a large group of players that volunteer to help facilitate games in many ESSC leagues. This includes 5-Pin Bowling, Badminton, Cornhole, Curling, Lawn Bowling, Pickleball, Virtual Golf, Volleyball, Flag Football, Flag Rugby, Ultimate, Tennis, and Multi-Sport 2's. They are essential to ESSC leagues and play a huge role in ensuring that all players enjoy themselves each and every night. Although their assistance is greatly appreciated and there are many excellent members out at the games, each season the Club recognizes a select few with the EC of the Season Award.


Each winner is nominated through player submissions, ESSC Staff recommendations, and/or based off the League Coordinator evaluations. The goal is to award those that display a positive and friendly attitude, while at the same time being a committed volunteer and providing players with the best experience possible.  

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Summer 2023

Event Coordinator: Shar S Bio

Sport: Yard Games

Rookie Season: Summer 2023

What Shar Enjoyed About Being an EC: "What I enjoyed as an EC was meeting everyone that played and how amazing, patient and kind everyone was with helping me as I learned the role!"

Shar's Fun Fact: "It wasn’t until 2016 that I learned pumpkin spice was just a spice used in pumpkin pie and not actually a spice from a pumpkin…"

 Coordinator: Ray V Bio

Sport: Indoor Volleyball

Rookie Season: Winter 2009 - wow!

Why Ray Enjoys Being an EC: "I EC because I don't mind helping out the ESSC in such a small way."

Ray's Fun Fact: "I have been an EC EVERY season since joining the club in 2009 and I am very proud to be in the Hall of Fame and Grandpa to 10."


Past EC of the Season Winners