Division Notes

  • Teams/Groups/Individuals are expected to read the division descriptions and place themselves in the most appropriate division. If players are unsure of which division to register for, they are welcome to contact the office for further clarification or advice.
  • The ESSC Division offerings are based on the experience and skill level of a team - not on a team's competitive behaviour. All ESSC players and teams are expected to play with a ‘fun-first, winning-second’ attitude regardless of their division.
  • The ESSC reserves the right to move any team up or down a division (regardless of where they registered) based on a team's past results. The ESSC gathers statistics on all registered teams each season, and strives to align the divisions as fairly as possible.
  • The ESSC reserves the right to move any team up or down a division (regardless of where they registered) based on total registration numbers. The ESSC rarely runs odd numbered divisions, or divisions with a low number of teams, so in these cases division realignment is necessary.
  • If the ESSC feels that a division has a clear skill discrepancy during the regular season, teams may be moved up or down a division mid-season, or in some cases a division will be split come playoff time to allow for multiple Championships.
  • For certain sports, when possible, the ESSC incorporates a seeding round as part of the regular season schedule. In these cases, divisions will be re-aligned and standings reset after the completion of the seeding round. For 16 Week Leagues that incorporate a seeding round, standings will not always be reset after the completion of the seeding round, but division realignment will still occur.


This division is for teams consisting mostly of inexperienced players, although several members of the team may have some Slo-Pitch experience. Some players in the Recreational division will still be learning the rules of Wiffleball, meaning that the flow of the game will not always be natural, due to players having limited experience in batting, base running, fielding, and pitching.

The following points describe the level of play that should be expected:

  • Most batters will not place hits, and will concentrate primarily on making contact with the ball
  • Home runs are less frequent, and strike-outs are more commonplace than other divisions
  • Pitchers will not throw strikes consistently. Batters might walk more than in other divisions
  • Fielding errors and base-running mistakes will happen more frequently
  • Teams might rotate players throughout the field each inning, as opposed to playing designated positions for the entire game