Facilities - Indoor - Policies

The ESSC rents the majority of indoor facilities from the City of Edmonton Recreation Department. As tenants, players must respect the standards and rules of each facility:

  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited inside any facility and in the parking lots
  • Facility Operators and Caretakers should be treated with respect
  • Players are expected to clean up after themselves
  • Players must wear clean, non-marking shoes; no outside shoes allowed
  • Players are responsible for property damage inside or outside of a facility that they cause
  • When the permit time is up, players must leave the building promptly

Any player who causes the ESSC to receive a complaint regarding a gymnasium or indoor facility rented by the ESSC will receive a $100 fine and may be ejected from the League. 

Game Locations and Times

  • Indoor facility game start times range from 5:30pm - 9:00pm on Sundays and 6:30pm - 10:00pm on weeknights
  • The ESSC will always attempt to ensure a fair distribution of game start times across all teams within a division when building a schedule
  • Facilities are chosen based on availability, quality and location. Some leagues utilize many facilities, while other leagues may play out of a specific facility. The ESSC will always attempt to ensure a fair distribution of locations when building a schedule.
  • Each schedule lists all facilities used in that division, with corresponding Google map links. Players should view these details in order to familiarize themselves with parking, entry, important notes and past complaints for certain facilities.
  • Players should arrive at the facility 10 minutes before their scheduled game time to allow time to warm-up or stretch. Some facilities will not allow access to the gymnasium until the exact permit start time, in these cases, players should be patient and ask the GC or Caretaker before entering the gym. 


Equipment Wiffleball 
Provided by the ESSC Yes Yes No
Required of Players Optional No Not allowed

**The On-site Coordinator will also bring bases and other equipment required for field set-up