Payment Plan Policy

Fall 2020: A FREE three-payment plan will be offered for the entire registration cycle.

Using a payment plan to register a team provides the flexibility to spread the total team fee over multiple payments. To utilize a payment plan the registration must be paid online.

Administrative Fees

There are no administrative fees to use a payment plan.

Payment Schedule

The first payment is 20% of the total team cost, and is processed at the time of registration; the remaining two payments are split equally (40% each). The second payment is processed December 29 or February 10 (depending on registration date) and the final payment is processed one week after the season start. Payment schedules are outlined on your original registration receipt.

  • e.g. a $900 team cost is paid in three installments; the first is $150 and the next two payments are $375

Missed Payments

If a second payment is declined, registrants will be given a 3-day window to settle the outstanding amount.

If any registrant's final payment is declined, the following applies:

  1. The outstanding fee must be settled within 3 business days
  2. Any payment not settled within 3 business days will result in a final notice to all players on the roster and an automatic loss for week 2
  3. Outstanding team fees after week 3 will result in all players being removed from the league and blacklisted from future registrations


Payment plans are only available for full team registrations over $400. Tournaments are not included.