Payment Plan Policy

Using a payment plan to register a team provides the flexibility to spread the total team fee over multiple payments. To utilize a payment plan the registration must be paid online.

Administrative Fees

During the Early Bird Period the payment plan is free.

Once the Early Bird Period is over teams will incur a small administrative fee, based on the team cost.

Team Cost

Admin Fee

$ 400-699

$ 20

$ 700-999

$ 30

$ 1000 +

$ 40

Payment Schedule

During the Early Bird period the team cost (including equipment) is split over three payments. The first payment is 20%, and is processed at the time of registration; the remaining two payments are split equally (40% each). The 2nd payment is processed seven days prior to the registration deadline. The final payment is processed seven days after the season start. (E.g. $900 team cost is paid in three installments, the first is $150 and the next two payments are $375).

After the Early Bird period, the team cost (including equipment) is split over two equal payments (50% each). The first payment is processed at the time of registration and the second is processed seven days after the start of the season. (E.g. $900 team cost plus a $30 admin fee is paid in two installments of $465).

Missed Payments

If an Early Bird registrant's second payment is declined, they will be given a 3-day window to settle the outstanding amount or the team will be withdrawn from the league. If a registrant's final payment is declined, a $30 late fee will be applied; the league will have already started and the team will remain in the league. 


Payment plans are only available for full team registrations over $400. Tournaments are not included.