SYC Brewing

About SYC Brewing

SYC stands for Share Your Craft. SYC is for everyone who has been afraid to show who they truly are, for anyone who has expressed themselves through a craft, for anyone who has been afraid to get laughed at or anyone who has been afraid to to fail but did it anyways. SYC is for the brave in all of us, however that looks like, and for being proud to share your craft in whatever way that comes out. We're here to celebrate people's magic. To celebrate YOUR magic.

People - We celebrate making connections, learning from each other and respecting each other’s ideas. We are strong believers in the idea of what makes us different is what makes us create magic together. That is our cause for celebration.

Passion - There's magic within us all. Passion is a natural beauty. We want to celebrate it, challenge it, and make it stronger. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Expect the unexpected.

Grit - The only way to make magic better. Work hard. Show up. Be present.

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