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From Ski Trips, to Drop-In's, and PubCrawls, help us put the 'Social' in 'Edmonton Sport & Social Club.' Learn More.

Did you say cheese for our tournament photographer? Check out all our tournament photos here.

We've upgraded our facilities! Click here for a complete list of dates to drop-in this winter and check them out!

ESSC Curling FunSpiel's are a player-favorite and this timeā€¦ we won't even make you get out of your pajamas! Click here for more details.

With over 20 tournaments being offered in a variety of sports each year, there is something for everyone!

Put the 'Social' in Edmonton Sport & Social Club
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Curling FunSpiel
March 2, 2019
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The ESSC is more than just a sports league. With social events happening all year round, The Club prides itself on being able to give players the opportunity to forge friendships on and off the playing field. Whether it is a Ski Trip to BC, a huge Season End Party, or visiting a Sponsor Bar, all players are welcome to come and share the experience. Being a part of the ESSC means much more than just showing up and playing sports.