Blues on Whyte

About Blues on Whyte

Blues on Whyte is one of Edmonton's premier live music venues, hosting some of the greatest names in music in Old Strathcona. It's a must visit destination for anyone who loves live music. Blues on Whyte is housed on the ground floor of The Commercial Hotel which has stood on Whyte Avenue for over a century.

Blues is home for Edmonton's best live music, seven days a week. Sitting in the middle of Whyte Avenue, they support local and international talent! Come and get crazy and be prepared to dance the night away.

For a list of upcoming shows at the famous Blues on Whyte, click here.

Daily Specials

Daily Specials


$4.50 Caesars, Well / Burgundy & Domestics (Draft & Bottles)
Monday $4.50 Kokanee & Kokanee Gold
$4.00 Jack Daniels (All 3)
Tuesday $4.50 Domestic Bottles
$4.50 Corona Bottles
$4.50 Tequila & Tequila Sunrise

$4.50 All Whisky
$4.50 Bud & Bud Light Bottles

Thursday $4.50 Draft
$4.00 Burt Renolds, Tom Seleks & Apple Pies

$5.25 Vodka Flavours & Jack Daniels (All 3)

Saturday $4.50 Sleeves of Lucky
$5.50 Sleeves of Traditional & Rotational
$4.50 Jager & Fireball