Tournament Champs

 2019 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May October November
1 Unprotected Sets with Multiple Partners
Alex Dunn
Raymond Warholik
2 Cogito, Ergo, Boom
Andrew Roberts
Jenny from the Block
Nikki Byrnes
3 Team Rejuv
Carlo Joseph Garcia
Sandy Karsch
4 Spikes are Overrated
Larissa Boven
Carlo Joseph Garcia
5 We Sometimes
Get It Up

Andy Yan
That Volleyball Team
Cody Rempel
6 Tong HITS
Emem Marayag
Happy Trees
Jeremy Keay
7 It's a Hard Bump Life
Michael Lee
8 Empire Spikes Back
Jennie Franke
 2018 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May October November
1 BumpSetMike
Mike Ansell
Sarah Hutchison
The Tragically Ripped + Guest
Ryan Pulongbarit
Andrew Charest
2 Spike Dreams
Kendall Albert
Brittney Brophy
Volley of Death
Gor Boranao
Bannock Smashers
Jonathan Cardinal
3 Pipe Dreams
Arni Hansen
We Play For Money
Wanda Thiessen
Enilda Young Guns
Larkin Stokes
No Dig'gity
McKenzie Meisinger
4 Gongshow
Megan Smith
Jordan Peitsch
Something Clever
Amy Moedt
Awkward Sets Positions
Arni Hansen
5 Bump and Grind
Ivy Drews
Is It In?
Russell Kirchner
The Relatives
Loni Curtis
Block Friday
Individuals Team
6 Dream Team
Marissa Papin
Scott Hynes
Rough Sets
Victoria Honsberger
7 The Relatives
Loni Curtis
Net, Bumps and Chill
Scott Hynes
8 Wonders
Eric Leishman
 2017 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May October November
1 BumpSetMike
Mike Ansell
Big Show
Tricia Jersak
Ronson Li
Set To Kill
Rose Visser
2 Setting Ducks
Vanessa Trenerry
Scott Parsons
Larissa Boven
The Berge
Andrew Charest
3 Destro
Myles Gasmen
Bump and Grind
Ivy Drews
Scared Hitless
Nikki Byrne
Thongs and Dongs
Jeannine Levangie
4 We Dig Your Balls
King Cabrera
Consensual Sets
Linda Chong
Thunder Spike
Ellyse Palm
City Smash
Jase Chin
5 Yegballz
Marsha Sarno
The Beta Blockers
Ashley Anderson
The Volley Llamas
Holly Oickle
I'd Hit That
Brady Sherard
6 Helpful Tips
Colin Saraka
Andrew Vuong
7 BallsDeep
Danny Morin
Vertically Challenged
Trung Le
8 Just The Tip
Shanna Babij
I Just Had Sets
Brandon Kerswell
 2016 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February April October November
1 Cowreckers
Mike Ansell
Jess Bud
Jessica Carlyon
Block Party
Mike Ansell
Block Party
Mike Ansell
2 Gong Show
Nicholas Khaw
That's What She Set
Peter Kennedy
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Zac Walker
Kylle Bosch
3 Refrigerator Raiders
Adam Madsen
Setty Wap
Marissa Crosswhite
A Tip Backwards is a Pita
Michael Cheung
Balls Deep
Julie Duru
4 Fil'DHit
Jake Galgo
Pack E. Yeows
Richard Martel
Balls Deep
Patrick Beare
George United
Roland Cabarubias
5 Why So Serious
Melissa Kuz
Bumpin' Uglies
Abi Mitchell
Why So Serious
Melissa Kuz
Full of Hits
Jason Connors
6 The Pac-Men
Tanner Carlton
Safe Sets
Sebastian Henwood
Wolf Pack
Corey Morrison
7 Notorious D.I.G.
Robin Ogura
Bump, Set, Cerveza!
Joanne Leung
8 Too Setsy For Our Shirts
James Zhang
 2015 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May October November
1 Setting Duckers
Jennifer Elaschuk
Hit For Brains
Rahim Mohamed
Feed The Beast
Daniel Jette
Sweet Nectar
Kristyne West
2 Guilty Feet that have no Rythm
Ador Cochingco
Sports Sports Sports
Carla McIntosh
Amy Schumacher
Big Swingers
Glenda Brandingen-Byrtus
3 I Smell Sets & Candy
Arni Hansen
Kiss My Ace
Kate Whittleton
The Big Beaches
Sandy Karsch
Smash Bros
Lisa Tymofichuk
4 Kiss My Pass
Adrian Waskewitch
Flight & Fight
Colleen Lee
Watch Me Dig/Nae Nae
Desmond Chong
Arms & Hammers
Caroline Watt
5 Sluggerz 
Steve Orobko
Team Jack Daniels 
Billy Hudy
Kevin Guse
Rough Sets
Amanda Thompson
 2014 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May October November
1 Holly's Hard Hitting Hammers
Holly MacGougan
Come at Me Bro
Daniel Jette

 Setters of Cattan    Danielle Cormier

Ball Slammers     ​Zac Walker
2 Holes and Poles
Samantha Wilk
Lights Out
Jason Baines
George Smash
Erwin Galgo
Get Your Own Balls
Rahim Mohamed
3 Spartans'd Hit That
Justin Trantman
Nice Tips
Kyla Cunningham
Kiss My Ace
Donald Moses
Why So Serious?   Melissa Kuz
4 Block Heads
Heidi Walkton
This Is How We Roll
Paul Rodriguez
Sets on the Beach
Marissa Crosswhite
Voll-E Solutions    Arni Hansen
5 Next Level Ham It's Bacon 
Brandon Lam
To Kill A Rocking Serve 
Cory Kokotailo
El Rotato    Savannah Kafara       Rally Cats       Shelly Morin
6 Bumpin' Uglies Ryan Klause
7     Bomb SWAT       John Nham 
8 It's Just a Bump to     the Left              Katie Harlton
9 I'd Hit That     Stefanie Steele
10 Practice Safe Sets  Savannah Kafara
 2013 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May October November
1 Boom-Shaka-Laka
Brock Evanishen
Block Party
Richard Vasquez

    Premarital Sets
    Ashley Brunkard

Premarital Sets Ashley Brunkard
2 Hitting Bricks
Kaila Janssen
Kings of Neon
Holly MacGougan
    Kings Of Neon     Lori Krause Refrigerator Raiders
Adam Madsen
3 Refrigerator Raiders
Adam Madsen
Weekend Bawlers
Chena Perrett
Back dat pASS up
Tu Nymeyer
Lourdes Baui
4 Bada-Bing Bada-Bump
John Panas
Vertically Challenged
Trung Le
Roland Cobarubias
The Killer Koalas    Sandy Karsch
5 Prom Punch 
Joel MacDonald
Bumpin Uglies 
Ryan Klause
 2 Legit 2 Tip
Johnny Huynh
Patrick Bear
6 Spider Pigs   Cameron Santer  It's Just a Bump to the Left
Katie Harlton
The Sharpshooters  Jason Bridger Serves You Right
Wendy Bazinet
7 Vicious      & Delicious      Colleen Lee 
8 Smokin' Pistols  Shannon Dukelsky
9 Blocked out of     Heaven        Chantelle Bailey
 2012 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February October November
1 Enigma
Clint Galloway
Premarital Sets
Mathew Clarke
Brock Evanishen
2 Hit Faced
Travis Letwin
Norfolk in Chance
Sara Schultz
Peter Northstars Tournamnet Edition
Ferdinand Maingat
3 Norfolk in Chance
Sara Walkey-Chittick
Hon Tang
Barry's Tacos
Sara Tebbutt
4 Ballz N Dollz
Devin Avery
Blood, Sweat & Beers
Chelsea Semeniuk
Sam Fiorillo
5 Which Way to the Dodgeball 
Chris Berry
   Mama Said Spike You Out 
King Cabrera
6 Blonde Ambition
Michael Boldster
7 The Grinders
Darko Pidruchney 
8 Just The Tip
Mike Peters
 2011 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division   February May
1 Wanted for Malicious Kills
Kevin Tam
Dancing Queens
Michelle Wallace
2 Midget Circus
Duncan Jamieson
BB Bam
Marie Schultz
3 Rice is Right
Vince Le
I'd Hit That
Katie Bachiu
4 Norfolk in Chance
Sara Walkey
Spiked Punch
Steve Bennett