Weather Reschedule Form

In cases where games were called 'On' but teams were unable to play their game due to weather, and both teams would like to reschedule, we'd like to facilitate the reschedule. In this case, a 0-0 tie should be submitted with comments regarding plans to reschedule and this form should be competed. Please note that reschedules must be replayed at least one week prior to playoffs and the score entered online in order for it to count.

Rainout reschedule forms are to be submitted by 5pm the day after your game. 

Based on the availability that you have provided below, the ESSC staff will schedule a make-up game and update your schedule within 14-days. Once your make-up game is scheduled, our staff will email you to notify you that your online schedule has been changed. It will be the team captain's responsibility to communicate these changes to the rest of their team. Make-up games will not be rescheduled if missed. 

In cases where a reschedule is unable to be coordinated between the teams, a 0-0 tie will be published.
Please select all days where your team would be available for a rescheduled game.
Input any specific dates where your team is not available. (I.e. if your team can make the majority of Mondays, but one specific date will not work).