Games Coordinators are essential to ESSC leagues and play a huge role in ensuring that all players enjoy themselves each and every night. The ESSC GC Team is continuously growing and although there are many excellent members out at the games, each season the Club recognizes a select few with the GC of the Season Award.


Each winner is nominated through player submissions, ESSC Staff recommendations, and/or based off the Field Staff Manager and GC Head Trainer evaluations. The goal is to award those that display a positive and friendly attitude, while at the same time getting involved with the games and providing players with the best experience possible.

Winter 2023

Games Coordinator Bio

Parker Lumby - Ball Hockey

Sports: Ball Hockey, MTS

Rookie Season: Winter 2023

I started as a GC calling ball hockey and multi-sport in February and have really enjoyed it! Reffing ball hockey is a lot of fun for me and keeps me engaged and part of the community here in Edmonton. I have been officiating ice hockey for 12 years now so the switch to ball hockey was a nice change-up that wasn't too difficult. I love being around the office and sports facilities and just being a part of the sports that I loved playing as a kid growing up! I have always been involved in sports throughout my life and still am involved in many, like soccer, hockey, skiing, and football, so it's nice to give back a little to the sports that I love. 

Luke Kennedy - Soccer

Sports: Soccer

Rookie Season: Winter 2023

I am super grateful to be chosen as one of the GCs of the season. I am a rookie GC and have really enjoyed becoming a part of the ESSC team and meeting all the participants. I'm already looking forward to next season, the sun is coming out, and we can start playing outdoors!

Lisa Nwaribe - MTS

Sports: MTS

Rookie Season: Fall 2019


Julien McFadden- Basketball

Sports: Basketball

Rookie Season: Fall 2022

My first season with ESSC was in the Fall of 2022. Since then I have been fortunate to be trained as a games coordinator and have been working Multi-Sport and basketball sessions! I started playing basketball, volleyball, and football when I was in grade 7, so becoming a games coordinator for ESSC felt like a blast from the past. Coming from a long line of sports backgrounds, it is so awesome to see everyone give it their all and compete with passion each given night! Having a league that is fun first, has brought a great community aspect to a large group of teams and individuals. I think through these positive experiences it can be life-changing for the majority of people who have been involved! Outside of playing the above sports, I love being in the mountains and finding new ways to enjoy the great outdoors!