Curling Offerings

Open - 4's

ESSC Curling Leagues use an open format; teams of four have no co-ed restrictions or requirements.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Shamrock Curling Club - 9330 80 Ave, Saville Community Sports Centre - 6501 115 St, Crestwood Curling Club - 14317 96 Ave


Click Here for division descriptions.


9-Week: 7 regular season, 2 playoff (Saville and Shamrock)

7-Week: 7 regular season, 2 playoff (Crestwood)

Registration Info:

Register a full team or as an individual.
Team: $825 (Saville, Shamrock), $640 (Crestwood)
Individual: $215pp (Saville, Shamrock),$165 (Crestwood)
(play a 2nd sport & save $30, play a 3rd & save $50)


The ESSC hosts two Curling FunSpiels each year, one in the Fall and one in the Winter season. These events are Really Recreational and teams of four play in an open format (no co-ed restrictions or requirements).

Upcoming Dates:

Sat, Nov 21


Shamrock Curling Club - 9330 80 Ave


Really Recreational - It's all about fun!


All teams are guaranteed four 3-end matches.

Registration Info:

Register with a full team or as an individual.
Team: $225
Individual: $55pp

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