The Summer League Registration Deadline is June 19 at 11:59pm. Register early to guarantee your spot!

Register for Summer sports by the June 19 Registration Deadline at 11:59pm or you'll pay the Delay of Game price. Learn More.

Want to be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams? Try our new 1v1 Singles format and work your way towards the league championship!

Ensure your complete roster is updated prior to your first playoff game! Remember if you're gunning for the championship... no new players!

With over 20 tournaments being offered in a variety of sports each year, there is something for everyone!

'Love' is in the air.

Please welcome one of the newest additions to the ESSC Sport Line-up, Tennis! This action packed sport provides a full-body workout, and encourages teamwork and communication. The ESSC offers multiple formats of Tennis, including; co-ed doubles, open doubles and open singles. Grab a teammate, or sign-up as an individual, because it's time to cause a 'racket.'

After your game, meet up with your teammates and other players to enjoy exclusive food and drink specials at one of the ESSC's many Sponsor Bars around Edmonton!

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