About Us

"Our mission is to provide organized and fun co-ed sports leagues and events to adult Edmontonians"

About The Club

The Edmonton Sport & Social Club was founded in 2004 based on a rising need: adult Edmontonians love to play sports and have fun! The goal of the ESSC is to encourage as many people as possible to ‘get in the game’. Whether players have no skill, or a lot of skill, as long as they want to join in the ‘fun-first, winning-second’ mentality, they will fit right in! With a large variety of leagues, tournaments and events throughout the year, the ESSC offers something for everyone.

One of the perks that players of The Club receive is access to a variety of sponsor bars. Different food and drink specials are offered exclusively to ESSC players 7 days a week. Visit the sponsor bars after games to make your ESSC experience a social affair from start to finish.

Players can register by themselves, with friends or with a full team. When it comes to getting Edmontonians in the game, the ESSC can, and will make it happen for anyone who wants in.  

About The Staff

The office team at the ESSC loves to follow the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto. Every employee knows how important an active lifestyle and social connections can be in the lives of busy Edmontonians. The staff are passionate individuals who work hard every day to provide the best experience for the players. Below is the ESSC team line-up and some relevant (and not so relevant) information about them.