Black Fly

About Black Fly

Black Fly Beverage Company has a simple vision: create MORE NATURAL and LESS SWEET premium spirit beverages using quality ingredients and innovative packaging. Like the iconic Canadian insect after which the company is named, Black Fly started small with determination to fly under the radar and deliver a mighty bite. Since that time, Black Fly has successfully developed and launched a lineup of unique premium spirit beverages that speak to what today's consumers are looking for; innovative "NOT TOO SWEET" quality drinks. Whether your scene is vodka soda fizz, gin soda fizz, vodka cranberry, tequila margarita, or any other of the endless drinks they offer, you can expect them all at our tournaments, and for a sweet price! Picture being at a Beach Volleyball Tournament, grabbing a vodka cranberry in their unique non-breakable bottle, tossing in a few ice cubes, having a splash, then tossing it in the sand before you go serve for the championship. What a time to be alive.

Exclusive ESSC Perk

As a ESSC member, you can expect super cheap prices on Black Fly Beverage’s Ready to Drink product at all tournaments where we run our world famous beer gardens!