The Club

The Edmonton Sport and Social Club was founded in 2004 to provide adult co-ed sports to Edmontonians. The goal of the ESSC is to encourage as many people as possible to ‘get in the game’. People can register as an individual, group or team in over 15 different sports with the Club.

Anyone who participates in the Club is considered to be a member! If you are not currently playing in the Club but wish to receive updates via e-mail, just click here to sign up for a MyESSC account. It’s free to sign up and you only ever pay for the sports or events that you register for.

The ESSC prides itself on being a fun first league and is the perfect place for beginners, experienced players and even those of us who are a little out of practice. We offer multiple divisions in most sports to cater to a wider range of skill/experience level. Our leagues are a great no pressure environment to get back in to the sports you love and get a little exercise.

The “Social” aspect is demonstrated in a variety of different ways within the Club; this includes season-end parties, a sponsor bar program where players receive discounts on food and drinks, as well as a variety of tournaments (with after parties!), throughout the year.

For all ESSC-related COVID-19 updates, please click here.


Leagues - General

If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend a game, please let your teammates know! Help your team avoid defaulting by finding yourself a sub. Anyone is eligible to sub so long as they are over 18. We encourage players to utilize the ‘Request A Sub’ function from within your MyESSC profile. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your MyESSC profile
  2. Select ‘MyESSC’ from the navigation bar at the top of the page
  3. Locate the side bar at the right side of this page – select ‘Subs’
  4. Select ‘Request A Sub’ from the drop down menu
  5. Indicate which team you are requesting the sub for
    • Indicate if you would like only males, only females, or all subs notified
    • Be sure to give accurate details regarding the date of the game(s), the time(s) of the game(s), and where the game(s) are played
  6. Press ‘Next’
    • Be sure to leave a detailed comment indicating how the subs should respond to you – would you like them to email you? Call you? Text you? Give them any information they may require in order to contact you.
  7. Press ‘Send’. All subs who meet your criteria will be emailed immediately and will respond directly to you if they are able to fill in.

If you know that you will be unable to attend the first game of the season, the ‘Request a Sub’ function will be available for use 2 days prior to your first game. Also, please remember to let your teammates know if you will not be attending a game!

This function can be found in the player’s MyESSC account, under the ‘Subs’ tab.

A default occurs when, at the scheduled game start time, a team has fewer than the minimum amount of required players and an official game cannot be played.

If a team chooses to leave early and quit the game for any reason, including a lack of players, the team will also be subject to the default rules. Default fees are refunded directly to the team that was defaulted against as compensation for the missed game.

To learn more about defaults and what the minimum players to avoid a default are:

  1. Roll over the Leagues tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click ‘League Info’
  4. This will open a sub-menu; click ‘Defaults’

For double opponent sports (Volleyball, Badminton, Ultimate, Tennis, Pickleball and Squash), the defaults are per match, not per night. If a team defaults one night in the season they are required to pay a default fee to 2 different teams.

The ESSC posts the daily weather call online and we ask that all players check the game day status before heading out to their game. If games are called off teams are not expected to go to their game, however if games are called on then teams are required to go to their game to avoid a default. If players experience unplayable conditions, was ask that teams wait 20 minutes before making the final decision to call the game off.

For more information on the weather policy and what to do in a rain out situation please click here.

Team jerseys are encouraged but not required. Each player must bring a white and dark shirt to each game. Teams will decide at the gym who is wearing white and who is wearing dark. Players who do not have an appropriate shirt color to match their teammates may be asked not to play by the opposing captain.

If a team is interested in purchasing jerseys all ESSC member receive a 10% discount off of custom jerseys ordered through the Club’s partner Print Machine.

Yes! If you have found an item, please fill out our Lost & Found Form online. If you have lost an item, please contact the facility at which you played before filling out the form.

In the event you found an item, there is one extra step that we may ask of you! We ask that all found items be brought back to the ESSC office at your earliest convenience or given to an EC/GC so they can bring it to the office. From here, we can coordinate a way to get the item back to the appropriate person.

If a player sustains an injury during the season and will have to miss at least one game, please contact the office to advise us of the situation. If you are a member of an Individuals Team, ESSC staff will assist you in finding a substitute or replacement player, depending on the severity of your injury and how long it will cause you to be absent from your team.

Yes! The ESSC recently introduced a new offering called the Masters League. This league is for adults who are 40 years of age or older, with the goal of bringing 40+ players and teams together for the opportunity to play ‘Sports for Life’! The inaugural season for this league was in Winter of 2023, and the ESSC has seen a steady amount of positive feedback and growth since.

Leagues - Schedules and Standings

All schedules will be posted no later than 11:00pm two days prior to your first game. This is the same timeline for Post-seeding and Playoff schedules.

All schedules are posted online. Players can visit the website anytime to see their schedule. Please note that players are asked to view the schedule online each week as facilities or game times can change throughout the season. To find your schedule please click the schedule link in your MyESSC account, or follow the steps below:

  1. Roll over the Leagues tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click ‘Schedules and Standings’
  4. Select the day of the week you are playing from the top tabs
  5. Find the division you are playing in
  6. Click ‘Schedules’ in the box under your division
  7. Check your schedule online before each game. Copying schedules into another program is not recommended as the schedule is subject to change.

The Club takes into consideration 3 very important factors when building every schedule: the opponent matrix, location and facility distribution, and early/late timeslot splits. The number one priority when building a schedule is to ensure teams play all of the opponents in a league and avoid as many repeat match-ups as possible. The opponent spread is the highest priority as this helps to ensure we have the best representation of the league in the standings. Matrixes are then used to balance the location and time spread as even as possible. The ability to build a balanced schedule depends on the facilities and times available, while we cannot guarantee it will always be perfect, we do our absolute best to ensure that each team has an even spread of locations and times. Since each match-up effects 2 teams and there may be varying locations and times from week to week, it is not always possible to create a perfect schedule.

Teams are able to submit requests for specific times and locations in the comments section of the registration form, but we cannot guarantee they will be met as it does depend on the facilities and times available. We will not negatively affect the matrix for another team in order to fulfill a request, requests will only be fulfilled if the overall schedule is still kept as fair as possible.

The ESSC tries to give all teams a fair distribution of early or late games. Teams may find that on their schedule there are more late games though, this is because youth groups and schools have priority for earlier rental times. High School gyms are blocked off for use by the school until 8:30pm unless otherwise agreed to by the school and confirmed by the City. The next priority goes to youth groups , who generally have preference for earlier gym times. As a result ESSC has a much higher percentage of rentals that run from 8:30-11pm and a limited amount of time from 6:00-8:30pm.

The ESSC rents a majority of gyms from the City of Edmonton. These rentals are booked in advance over the Summer for the following Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Schools tell the City when their gyms will be open for use the following year at the end of each school year. This is then made available through an annual meeting where user groups can book gym time. The reason for schedule changes is, from the time the school tells the City what is open to when ESSC rents and builds players’ schedules, schools may add events, forget to block off events, or change principals who want a different schedule of events. As a result, ESSC receives a cancellation once the school realizes that we are booked in when there is a school event going on.

Prior to the start of each season, ESSC staff look at teams’ past seasons in our leagues, along with checking their rosters and a few other factors to determine which division and sub-division teams are best suited to play in.

Each season, we re-evaluate standings across all leagues (typically around the week 3 mark) and decide if there are any teams that should move up or down divisions based on how well or poorly they are performing. This is done to help even out divisions as best as possible.

All Teams in Team Captain sports are responsible for ensuring their team’s score gets entered by 5:00pm the day following their game. Teams playing a sport with a Games Coordinator or Events Coordinator need to confirm their score with the EC/GC before leaving the field/gym. Scores are reported online through MyESSC.

  1. Login to your MyESSC Account
  2. Click 'MyESSC' from the top-menu navigation
  3. Find the team name you would like to report scores for in your 'Current Registrations'
  4. Click 'Score Entry'
    • Confirm you are entering scores for the correct team
    • Enter your team's score for the game
    • Select your opponent’s team name from the drop-down menu
    • Enter your opponent’s score for the game
    • Game Details:
      • Select your Game Date (month/day/year)
      • Select your opponent’s Spirit Rating (Click -1, 0, or +1)
      • Enter Game Comments, if applicable.
    • Facility Details:
      • Select the facility name you were playing at
      • Select your Facility Rating (Click any number from 1 to 5)
      • Enter Facility Comments, if applicable
      • If the facility is in urgent need of attention, check the box that says "Urgent: This facility requires immediate ESSC follow-up."
  5. Click 'Submit'

If the score for a game has been recorded inaccurately, the team captain should fill out a Score Discrepancy Form within one week of the game in question. Concerns brought to the attention of staff after the one-week deadline are not guaranteed to be amended. ESSC staff will review the form and update scores within one week of it being submitted.


Registration - Process

All registrations are done online through a MyESSC Account. If you do not already have an account set up, you will need to create your free account first. Once your account is created and activated you can register for the league of your choice.

A player’s MyESSC account will reflect one of the following statuses in regards to registrations:

Awaiting Processing: Your registration has been received and will be reviewed and processed soon
Assembling Team: Your registration has been received, and ESSC is working on placing other individuals onto a team with you. At this point, there are not enough registrations received to confirm your spot in the league
Not Playing: You have been removed from the current season
Odd Team Out: Your registration has been received. We are waiting for another team to register to confirm your spot in the league. Each league the ESSC runs needs a minimum of 4 teams, with the exception of Badminton, Pickleball, Tennis and Volleyball where a minimum of 8 teams is needed.
Placement Confirmed: Congratulations, you have been moved into the league!
Refund in Progress: Your refund request has been started and will be fully processed soon.
Refunded: Payment has been credited to the card that was used to register and will appear in your account within 1-5 business days.
Unpaid: Your registration has been received, but it cannot be processed until full payment has been submitted.
Waitlist: This league is at capacity. ESSC is in the process of securing more facility time to accommodate your registration.

The ESSC builds teams for individuals based on the number and gender composition of the players invited to each registration, as such it is the responsibility of the person who completed the registration to ensure that the composition of the original registration is maintained. With that being said, players can reach out to ESSC staff to inquire on the status of the league they are registered for and the possibility of a registration change. Players can typically add another person to their current registration with no issues up to the deadline, but afterwards it can become more difficult as teams could be getting close to max roster sizes.

Players need to contact the office if they would like to replace a current invitee with someone else or add another member to their registration.

There are two ways you can register with a friend:

  1. One person can register as an Individual and invite the other directly onto the same registration. This option will require that the person completing the registration pay for everyone invited, however you will then come through on our end under the same registration number which means any time we move one of you, the other automatically follows.
  2. Register separately as Individuals, and in the comments section in Step 1 of the registration process, leave a comment saying “I would like to be placed on a team with [name]”.

There are two ways you can register with a friend:

Every player in the Club that directly registers or accepts an invite to join a registration agrees to the following:

  • You and/or your team agrees to pay a $100 fine should your team cause an official facility complaint due to negligence or misconduct while participating in ESSC leagues/tournaments
  • ESSC Roster Requirement Policy
  • ESSC Waiver

Although there are many legitimate teams on social media looking for more players, there are always some risks associated with these forums.

A few friendly reminders:

  • Meet in-person: Similar to any Kijiji purchases, be wary of anyone that wants the money sent via e-transfer in advance.
  • Confirm Information: Check that we are indeed offering the sport/division they are suggesting.
  • Reach out to us: We can work with the Team Captain to help confirm their team information and get you confirmed on the roster.
In addition to this, always keep in mind that we do offer individual and small group registration. If you don’t have a team to play with, you can register with us on your own (or with a few friends) and we’ll place you on a team.

Please contact us immediately if you believe that you have been a victim of such fraud. 780-429-4263.

Registration - Dates and Fees

The ESSC offers 4 seasons of sports in a year. Exact registration dates vary each year, but here is a general outline:

Season Registration Start Registration Deadline Season Start
Winter October December January
Spring February Indoor – March
Outdoor – April
Summer May June July
Fall July Outdoor – August
Indoor – September

All registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, which means players who register early will get priority when being placed in the league. Post-deadline the ESSC staff work diligently to finalize leagues in order to get schedules to players as soon as possible. It is always a possibility that your desired league may still have room, but your chances of being placed in the league are greatly reduced, as such players are encouraged to register as early as possible! ESSC staff update the last-minute availability regularly to keep players informed of their options post-deadline.

The ESSC accepts Full Team, Individual and Small Group Registrations.

Full teams are registered by a captain who is responsible for building their own roster. The ESSC creates a full Individuals Teams from Individual and Small Group registrations (Individual registrations are 1-4 people and Small Group registrations are 5-8 people). Players who are signed up in the same Individual or Small Group registration will always be placed on the same team together.

To learn more about what to expect when registering as an Individual or Small Group click here

The ESSC encourages players who are testing out a sport for the first time or unable to commit to a full season to register as a sub. Registering as a sub is free and allows players to get in the game without committing to the full season. Sub registration opens the day after the registration deadline and remains open for the duration of the season.

By registering as a sub, players are agreeing to have their contact information given out to any team/player who contacts the ESSC in need of a sub.

The ESSC offers 2nd and 3rd sport discounts to players who are Individual registrants in multiple leagues. The 2nd sport discount is a $30 deduction in fees, and the 3rd sport discount is an additional $20 deduction. This discount is only offered to Individual registrants, and is not applicable to players who are part of a Full Team or Small Group Registration.

There are two ways to receive your 2nd/3rd sport discounts:

  1. Pay for each registration online in full, send us an email once those registrations have all been paid for, and we will manually refund the difference onto the credit card used within 2-5 business days.
  2. Select ‘In Office’ payment for your second/third Individual registration, and then give us a call at the office and we will take a credit card over the phone for the exact amount of that league with the discount applied.

In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be submitted 7 business days prior to the registration deadline. After this date, no team or player will be eligible for a full or partial credit or refund.

If a player registers after the cancellation deadline, they are eligible for a refund any time prior to receiving a placement confirmation from the ESSC. Once a confirmation email has been sent, the registration is no longer eligible for a full or partial refund.

There are 2 ways to use your gift certificate:

  1. Register and pay online and put the authorization code for the gift certificate in the comments. ESSC will then refund the amount of your gift certificate to the card used to pay for the registration
  2. Register online and select ‘In Office’ payment, then call into the office and reference the authorization code on the gift certificate and a ESSC staff will manually charge the price less your certificate

Registration - Online Player Orientations

Online Player Orientations are a tool for players to acquire important information about their leagues to ensure they have a successful and fun season. One of the biggest perks is that OPOs can be completed at the players convenience.

Players may be required to complete up to five orientations in their first season; each taking anywhere from 5 and 20 minutes to finish and players are able to start, stop, and restart each orientation when necessary.

Players can find their OPOs by accessing their MyESSC account and looking under their ‘Current Registrations’. If there is no hyperlink indicating that orientations are required, then the player does not have to complete any. Once each required orientation is completed with a score of 100%, the link will change to ‘Orientations Completed.’

All Individuals, Small Group registrants, and new Team Captains are required to complete Online Player Orientations.

A goal of the ESSC is to ensure that every team and player has a great experience and OPOs are an essential resource in helping us meet this goal.

OPOs must be fully completed with a score of 100% prior to the start of the regular season. Full teams who do not meet this requirement will lose 1 spirit point for their first game.

Required orientations are based on the current seasons registration, and takes into account past playing history as well as past OPO completion.

The different types of OPOs are:

  • General
  • Registration Type Specific (Team Captain or Individual/Small Group)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Specific
  • Sport Type Specific (Team Captain, Event Coordinator, Games Coordinator, Beach/Grass Volleyball Coordinator)
  • Sport Specific
An example of the orientations a Ball Hockey Team Captain would need complete are: General --> Team Captain --> Indoor --> GC'ed Sport --> Ball Hockey. If the Team Captain has previously completed the General OPO, they would not have to complete it a second time. Players are only ever required to complete any OPO once in their ESSC career.

MyESSC & Rosters

  1. Click ‘MyESSC Login’ at the top of the website
  2. Click ‘Create new account'
  3. Enter your e-mail address and a password (you must also confirm your password).
  4. Click 'Create Account'
  5. You must now login to your e-mail server and look for an e-mail from "ESSC Info"
    • Open this e-mail and click the link within to confirm your MyESSC Account
  6. This link will direct you back into MyESSC where it will require you to complete your profile
  7. Click 'Next'
  8. Your profile is now created and active! Click on the tab 'MyESSC' to view your Current, Upcoming, and Previous Registrations. Here, you can also report your scores, view your standings, message your team, request a sub, and more!

When creating a MyESSC account players must verify the email address used to create the account. This is done through a confirmation email from “ESSC Info” that is sent to the email used to initially create the account. Open the email and click the link within to confirm your MyESSC account.

Often times at this point players may select “forgot password” and receive the following message: ‘Sorry, ________ is not recognized as a user name or an e-mail address’. Again this error message is a result of not activating your account. If the account has not been activated right away or the email has been deleted or ended up in a spam folder players will need to contact the Club to get their account activated.

All players who play with the ESSC have the option to add a person to their registration or team by sending them an invite. The ESSC requires that all players participating in an leagues or tournaments agrees to the Edmonton Sport and Social Club Liability Waiver. This waiver is signed by anyone who directly registers online, or by accepting an invite to join a registration.

Players can accept invites directly through their MyESSC accounts or through the email address used to invite them to a registration or team. Please note that if an invite is sent to an email address not associated with the player’s MyESSC account the invite will not show up. In this case the captain should resend the invite using the correct email. In the case of Individual and group registration the office will need to be contacted to update the email address.

All teams need to have the minimum roster requirement confirmed on their roster prior to their first game. Teams will receive a loss for their first game and every game played until they meet the requirements. Teams must fill out their complete roster, prior to their first playoff game. To learn more about our roster policy please click here.

The most important reason to have all players on the roster is it is their way of signing the waiver, which each player must do before playing in any ESSC league. A complete roster is commonplace in all sports leagues, as it's important for any organization to know who is playing in their leagues. Having the rosters completed also helps control sportsmanship, team communication, accurate league placement, etc. Ultimately having full rosters will be beneficial for the teams!

When teams register they agree to the roster policy, which states that teams must have the total number of players needed on the court/field confirmed on the roster in MyESSC prior to the first game of the season. If this minimum is not met teams will receive a loss for that game and every game played until this requirement is met.

For a complete overview of the information and clickable links found on your MyESSC Account homepage, refer to this page here for information and a helpful video.

Facilities & Equipment


The ESSC rents gyms from both the City (Public gyms) and Private gyms for indoor sports. For Outdoor sports, the ESSC rents the majority of its fields/diamonds from the City (Playfields and Premium Athletic Parks) along with the occasional Private field. All gyms and fields are located throughout the City of Edmonton and teams can expect to play in various quadrants of the City. The ESSC does it’s best to give central locations as much as possible, but depending on availability it isn’t always possible. For more details on each gym/field see below:

  • Public gyms: The ESSC tries it’s best to give teams a fair distribution of Citywide games, however, with the majority of schools situated in residential areas there is quite a limitation of gyms in central Edmonton. As a result games will mostly be situated in the North or South of the City. Between all the gyms in the ESSC, we do give all divisions an equal balance of North and South games based off the gyms for your sport.
  • Private gyms: Many of our Sports can only be played in specific gyms. As a result the ESSC works to balance out a fair distribution for teams between the private facilities while also balancing North and South. You may notice that your league is scheduled mainly in one part of the City, this is due to the distribution of our gyms. Most ball hockey and soccer gyms are situated in North Edmonton.
  • Public playfields: The fields/diamonds the ESSC rents have to fit specific sizing requirements which can make availability even more difficult. The club does work to schedule teams evenly throughout the City based on our rentals for each sport and night, but players should be expected to play throughout the City. Due to the sizing requirements for adults, most shale Slo-Pitch diamonds are located in the North and most Soccer fields are located in the South.
  • Premium Athletic Parks: There are three adult Athletic Parks for Slo-Pitch in Edmonton, John Fry and Goldstick Park which are run by the City and Airway Park which is privately run by the Edmonton Seniors Slo-Pitch Association. Both John Fry and Goldstick Park are located in South Edmonton where ESSC is able to consistently rent the most time. There is potential for games to be scheduled at Airway Park, however, these will be infrequent. Unless a specific location is part of the league name teams should plan to play at any of the three Athletic Parks.

In step 1 of the registration process, there will be an opportunity to include any special requests players may have about game time or location for the season. The ESSC will do our best to accommodate teams, while still keeping the location/time distribution as fair as possible for other teams.

Additionally, instead of registering for a Citywide league and making a special request, there are a few regional leagues offered where games are only played in certain quadrants of the city. As well a couple leagues are only played at one facility all season. Each offering will either indicate that it’s Citywide, played in a specific quadrant (e.g. North) or indicate the exact facility that league plays at (e.g. Commonwealth).

Absolutely! In step 1 of the registration process, there will be an opportunity to include any special requests players may have for the season. The ESSC will do our best to accommodate teams, while still keeping the location/time distribution as fair as possible for other teams.

The ESSC rents numerous facilities/fields throughout the City to accommodate all players and make it as fair as possible. We distribute gyms/fields evenly among all teams to give a good balance. There may be gyms/fields that are higher quality than others, but in order to run successful leagues, we rent based on both quality and availability. Many gyms/fields are simply not available every night of a season. We are continually improving our facility/playfield line-up and working hard to get the best gyms/fields possible, but there will be a difference in gyms/fields throughout your season. We do offer Premium Leagues which only play out of specific gyms/Athletic Parks, please see Offerings for more details!

The ESSC rents the majority of outdoor fields and diamonds from the City of Edmonton Parks and Recreation Department. The ESSC has permits for all the fields games are being played on, as such it is extremely important to bring your permit with you to every game! It is your proof of right to use the field.

Permits can be found online, if a permit is missing for a field you are playing at please contact the ESSC office. To find your permit:

  1. Roll over the Leagues tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the hub and click ‘League Info’
  4. This will open a sub-menu, click ‘Field Permits’

In team captain sports the score entry form requires that players rate their facility each week, and there is also an opportunity to leave comments. These ratings and comments are reviewed by ESSC facility staff who will work to improve the situation and address the issue.

Teams who have an EC or GC present at the game can provide feedback to them, and they will report the issue to the ESSC. If a player would prefer to address the issue in an email they can do so by emailing info@edmontonsportsclub.com.

Facilities are the foundation of our organization and without them we would not be able to play ANY sports. It is very important to respect each facility and their caretaking staff. If we receive 3 complaints within 3 years, we could lose our facility. If teams do not follow our policies, they could be fined $100 and suspended from league play.

A few key DON’TS to remember:

  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Wandering halls
  • Propping doors open
  • Wearing outdoor shoes (remember to always bring clean indoor shoes!)
  • Leaving garbage
  • Playing sports in the hallway
  • Causing any facility damage

The ESSC does pay for port-o potties at several heavy utilized locations, but with the amount of diamonds and fields utilized by the ESSC each night and the cost associated with renting/maintaining port-o-potties it would increase the team fees significantly. With past surveys it has been determined that players would prefer a lower league fee than washrooms at each field. There are always options to travel to the closest gas station, convenience store, etc. if needed.


Slo-Pitch, Outdoor Soccer, Kickball, and Multi-Sport all require teams to bring their own equipment. For details on purchase/rental options available to your team:

  1. Roll over the Leagues tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click ‘League Info’
  4. This will open a sub-menu; click ‘Facilities and Equipment’

The ESSC sets specific pick-up/drop-off dates each season for players to get their equipment for the season or to bring it back after they have wrapped up the league. These dates are important to follow as the Club distributes the equipment out of our office, but are not regularly set up for distribution. Pick-up and drop-off dates are updated on the website and can be found here.

The ESSC takes prides in the gyms we rent for your sports. If there are ever any issues we ask that you bring this up with either your EC/GC or email the club at info@edmontonsportsclub.com. We work with our facilities to provide equipment for all sports, we will go to gyms and repair or replace volleyball equipment and nets. We provide gyms with high quality hockey nets, and provide our own pop up soccer goals. Each time we receive feedback about broken/damaged equipment, we work to have this equipment fixed and ready to go before the next scheduled games.

As of Spring 2016 the ESSC has made it mandatory for all soccer teams to bring a net to each game. Teams are not required to purchase their net directly from the ESSC, but the nets sold through the Club are a great deal. The ESSC sells nets at cost in a package that includes a bucket, pegs, velcro straps and cones.

The net dimensions are: 24'x 8'x 4'x 10'

If a base is lost from a rental set of equipment, players can rent a replacement. There would be an additional rental fee depending on the base that needs to be replaced. When the equipment is returned at the end of the season, there will be a deduction from the deposit for the missing base.


The ESSC implements a sportsmanship rating system help ensure players are maintaining a “Fun-First” attitude. The sportsmanship rating system uses spirit points, which are rated as +1, or 0. All teams are asked to rate their opponent's spirit at the end of each game. The overall spirit rating should take into account how fun the opposing team was to play and their attempts to limit fouls and call the fouls they did commit. To learn more about sportsmanship policy and expectations for the sport you are playing:

  1. Roll over the Leagues tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click ‘Sportsmanship and Awards’
  4. This will open a sub-menu; click ‘Sportsmanship Policy’

Please note double-opponent racquet sports and Volleyball do not use the spirit rating system listed above.

Each team has the opportunity to rate their opponent following each game. Even though you may not have thought there were issues at the game, the other team may not agree and should have an equal opportunity to assign a spirit rating as they deem to be appropriate.

Teams must submit a complaint form by 5:00pm the day following their game in order for a 0 spirit point rating to stand. ESSC Staff also reserve the right to change spirit ratings if it is believed that they are not warranted and/or an appropriate representation of team's play. Click here for a link to the Sportsmanship Complaint Form.

Follow up is done privately between ESSC staff and the team in question. Teams often discuss their previous games with other teams in the league and talking about sportsmanship issues from previous games could create an unfair perception of a team who is working to improve their sportsmanship.

The following is an outline of how the ESSC handles all sportsmanship complaints:

  1. The ESSC will review the game report and/or complaint form to determine the severity of the incident.
  2. The ESSC will conduct further investigation when necessary; this may include follow-up phone calls to ECs, GCs, Team Captains, or specific players from a game.
  3. The ESSC will file the game report and issue one or more of the following verdicts: No Follow-Up, Feedback, Warning, Zero-Tolerance Warning, Suspension, Ejection.

Good sportsmanship is what the ESSC is all about! As such, the Club likes to acknowledge and reward teams who embrace the Fun-First, Winning-Second mentality. The ESSC has 3 programs in place to reward teams who have great sportsmanship and they are: Team of the Week and Lady Bing. To nominate a team for good sportsmanship, click here.

To learn more about the sportsmanship rewards:

  1. Roll over the Leagues tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click ‘Sportsmanship and Awards’
  4. This will open a sub-menu; click on the program you are interested in learning about

Talk to the opposing team captain about the player at the earliest opportunity. Get details on the player’s involvement with the team this season. Request the name of the player and report this player’s name in your score submission. If you are playing a sport with a GC or EC, involve them in the conversation and allow them to report the player's name in their game report.

A player is eligible to play in playoffs as long as they have already played one regular season game with the team. If a team is not in the top 4 for playoffs they are then able to bring in any sub to ensure the team has enough players for a good game.

Games & Event Coordinators


Games Coordinators (GCs) are part-time employees who are paid by the ESSC to facilitate games in the following sports: Basketball, Dodgeball, Ball Hockey, Handball, Multi-Sport, Indoor Soccer and some Outdoor Soccer.

GCs are not trained to be fully carded referees/officials for each sport. While they are trained to have a strong knowledge of the rules of the sport, they present to mediate the game and manage the facility booking. As a fun-first league, the ESSC puts the onus on players to call their own fouls and infractions during the game.

GCs are scheduled based on their weekly availability and that is balanced with weekly availability of facilities all around the city. In some cases, the GC’s availability and the facility availability matches the entire season, but sometimes it is not always the case that teams are playing in the same facility week after week.

If there is no GC at game time (GC is running late, mix-up in scheduling, etc.) players should first call the emergency line to notify the ESSC that there is no GC. They are then encouraged to get the game going themselves, especially if the sport they are playing does not have any GC supplied equipment. That way, if/when the GC does arrive, games are not running behind and no teams have to have their game times cut short.

If there is no GC is present at the game, players must keep time and score. Captains should confirm the score often during the game to make sure that there are no discrepancies. If the GC does not arrive team captains must email in their scores and sportsmanship ratings to info@edmontonsportsclub.com by noon the next day.

Captains have an opportunity to provide weekly feedback on GCs, after each game an email is sent to the captain asking how the GC performed during the game. If a captain doesn’t get the email, or accidently deletes it, this function can also be accessed through the standings page.

Anyone can provide feedback about a GC at any time. Click here to fill out a Games Coordinator Feedback form.

Fill out an application and questionnaire on our website by clicking here.


Event Coordinators are recruited players, from the league they registered in, who agree to help facilitate games in the following sports: Badminton, Curling, Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate, Tennis and Pickleball.

ECs are responsible for managing the facility that their team is scheduled to play at and the teams that they are scheduled to play against. During the EC’s timeslot, they are responsible for:

  • Setting up the equipment
  • Liaising with facility staff
  • Sharing pre-game announcements
  • Managing matches
  • Reporting scores to the ESSC office
For a complete breakdown of the EC role and rewards, please click here.

For any sports that require an EC, players can indicate their interest in being an EC right on their registration form. There is a checkbox in step one of the registration that players can select if they would like to be an EC for that season.

Alternatively, players can email stephanie@edmontonsportsclub.com to apply for being an EC in the league they are playing in for the season.

As an EC with the Club you will receive:

  • Free League Play! ECs receive a refund equal to the amount of an individual registration.
  • Free or discounted entry into select tournaments and events.
  • Free ESSC apparel.
  • EC appreciation parties.
  • The opportunity to be a leader and meet new people.

Tournaments, Special Events & Sponsors

Tournaments & Events

You can find a list of upcoming events as well as a snapshot of all tournaments that we run by viewing our Tournaments Home page. To view details for a specific tournament, roll over the Tournaments tab at the top of the page and choose your sport from the drop-down.

Please note that dates for all tournaments may not be available at the beginning of the year and may be updated as we get closer to the tournament date.

Registration typically opens 2 months prior to each tournament; however, exceptions may apply. To see when registration opens for a specific tournament, roll over the Tournaments tab at the top of the page and choose your sport from the drop-down.

For local tournaments, teams must contact the ESSC office no later than Friday the week before the tournament to receive a full refund. For Battle of Alberta Tournaments, teams must contact the ESSC office no later than 15 days before the event (i.e. on the Friday, 2 weeks before the event) to receive a full refund. Refunds will not be given after this point.

Yes, you are welcome to register as an individual for ESSC Tournaments and we will do our best to place you onto an Individuals Team. These teams are dependent on whether or not we have enough players and meet any co-ed restrictions so we typically cannot confirm at the time of your registration whether you are confirmed in the tournament or not. If we are unable to place you onto an Individuals Team, you will be contacted and fully refunded.

Yes, you may request to be placed in the same division as another team. The best place to do this is in the comments box that you’ll see at the beginning of the registration process. However, you are also welcome to email the ESSC office to make requests. The earlier you can make requests, the more likely we will be able to accommodate you. Also, if you and another team would like to play in the same division or at the same location, it is helpful if you ensure that you register in the same division.

In most cases, the tournament schedule is not sent to teams in advance and will be available at the facility the morning of the event. The reason we cannot send the schedule out early is because there is a chance that there will be last minute changes and we cannot risk teams having inaccurate schedules. The only exceptions include Slo-Pitch Tournaments and Sno-Pitch Tournaments.

In the case of exceptions to this rule (e.g. Slo-Pitch Tournaments), the tournament schedule will be included in the pre-tournament email sent to Team Captains no later than 5:00pm the Thursday before the event. It will also be posted on our website and can be found here:

  1. Roll over the Tournaments tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose your sport from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click ‘Schedule’

If you are hoping to play in a local ESSC Slo-Pitch Tournament, please Click Here and then select ‘Weekend League Conflict Information’. If you are hoping to play in a Battle of Alberta Slo-Pitch Tournament, please Click Here and then select ‘Weekend League Conflict Information’. If you hoping to play in an ESSC Outdoor Soccer Tournament, please Click Click Here and then select ‘Weekend League Conflict Information’For all other tournaments, if you have a league conflict, you will have to plan ahead and find subs for you league game. Please feel free to use our ‘Request a Sub’ feature.

The Battle of Alberta (BOA) tournaments are hosted by the Edmonton and Calgary Sport and Social Clubs. Teams from Edmonton and teams from Calgary will meet at a central location (e.g. Red Deer or Sylvan Lake) to compete against one another. Currently we host an Indoor Volleyball Tournament and a Dodgeball Tournament in Red Deer, 2 Sylvan Lake Beach Volleyball Tournaments and a Sylvan Lake Slo-Pitch Tournament throughout the year. Teams will earn points for their city during the Round Robin and Playoffs and the competition continues at the After-Party, where you’ll enjoy various games. The winning city is then crowned! To see the current BOA Score, Click Here.

At the end of each season, the ESSC hosts a party for all players! Win or lose, everyone is welcome to attend. At the party, championship teams will be presented with their league championship t-shirts and will have the opportunity to have their photo taken for the ESSC website. There is also food and drink specials, as well as door prizes and games throughout the evening. Due to COVID-19, we will not be we will be running a season end party. League Champion t-shirt pick-up will be at the ESSC World Headquarters.

Although it is preferred that all teams pick up their shirts at the Season End Party, if you cannot attend, you will be able to pick them up from our office. Anyone from your team may do this during regular office hours starting the Monday after the Season End Party. However, there will be a set pick-up deadline for all teams and we cannot guarantee teams their shirts after that point. Due to COVID-19, we will not be we will be running a season end party. League Champion t-shirt pick-up will be at the ESSC World Headquarters.


For the most up to date exclusive offers you receive as a member of the ESSC, always refer to our ESSC Player Perks as we are always adding Sponsor Bars and Partners to the lineup for you to take advantage of!

To view your Membership Card:

  1. Go to your MyESSC
  2. Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and click “Player Perks”
  3. This will bring you to our Player Perks page
  4. Click on the button at the top of the page that says “Click here for your ESSC Membership Card”
  5. A Membership Card with your first and last name will pop-up on the screen (you will have to enable pop-ups if you currently have them blocked)
  6. Bookmark the Player Perks page for easy access in the future!

Whether it be you and a bunch of your teammates at a Sponsor Bar, or you on your own at a Partners establishment, the process is the same. Simply show your ESSC Membership Card on your phone confirming you are indeed a member of the Edmonton Sport & Social Club. Our Sponsor Bars and Partners are all familiar with the process and will honour the exclusive offer gladly. If there are any issues surrounding any of our Membership Card offers, please contact caitlin@edmontonsportsclub.com

The Sport and Social Club is the largest organizer of co-ed, adult sports leagues, social events, and tournaments in Alberta. The Club offers adults countless ways to be active, have fun, and meet new people across the City of Edmonton year-round. A partnership with the Edmonton Sport and Social Club offers an opportunity to get your brand in on the fun, on and off the field: help build brand awareness, create brand association, deliver targeted communication, and demonstrate a commitment to the local community. Contact Tyler at the Edmonton office at tyler@edmontonsportsclub.com for more information.

Help put the 'Social' in Edmonton Sport and Social Club! Becoming an official Sponsor Bar with the Edmonton Sport and Social Club offers an opportunity to get your brand in on the fun, on and off the field. Help drive sales, build brand awareness, create brand association, deliver targeted communication, and demonstrate a commitment to the local community. Contact Tyler at the Edmonton office at tyler@edmontonsportsclub.com for more information.

Teams may contact the office to request different sizes and/or additional League Champ t-shirts after receiving them at the Season End Party. We will take note of their request and follow-up with them after our t-shirt pick-up deadline. At that point, the remaining shirts will be distributed to teams and we will do our best to fill all requests.