Corporate Program

Give your company culture a boost by playing team sports with the ESSC! Let us help you engage with your employees, build team camaraderie, and encourage physical activity and exercise through our corporate leagues, tournaments and events.

Why Choose the ESSC?


Increased health and well-being

Team building and camaraderie

Increased job satisfaction

Enhanced corporate culture

Long-term engagement

Register your company team with the ESSC to encourage your employees to engage in friendly competition, promote exercise, build team camaraderie, and strengthen co-worker bonds through a fun-first approach to sports and activities! Our wellness program options are cost-effective, easy to set-up, ignites staff to get active, and best of all, it's FUN! When an organization gets involved in a ESSC league, tournament or event, it can lead to a higher degree of company recognition, increased brand visibility, and an enhanced corporate wellness image.

Corporate Leagues

The ESSC is Edmonton’s #1 sports league provider and one-stop shop when it comes to indoor and outdoor sport variety and choice. With over 15 different sports for your company to choose from, the ESSC runs leagues four seasons per year (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall), ranging in length from 5-weeks to 9-weeks. Join an existing league or build your own!



Tournaments and Events

Looking for a fun way to create a buzz and encourage social interaction between employees? Let us organize a one-day, custom event for your company or join one of our existing tournaments. From Beach Volleyball and Yard Games to Dodgeball and Bowling, experience a full day of tournament fun in any of the sports that we offer.



• All first time corporate teams receive a $25 local Sponsor Bar gift card
• Corporate teams receive a 10% jersey discount at Print Machine
• Full access to player perks for all employees of ESSC corporate teams



Corporate Team Experiences


"RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. has been sponsoring teams with ESSC for many years and many sports. RAE has been sponsoring the teams as a way to promote physical fitness, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among its employees. Playing sports together has given us a much stronger sense of community within the company. It allows colleagues from different disciplines and departments to come together and have a shared experience and tie stronger relationships. Over the years as people have moved on, we've also tried to keep players on, which has allowed us the opportunity to stay in touch with old colleagues as well. When availability has permitted we have also brought significant others onto the teams as well, further developing the sense of community within the company. The fun-first mentality and sportsmanship of the ESSC have kept us coming back over the y ears and will be the reason we come back for years to come"
 - RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd.

"While working as a member of an interdisciplinary team in the emergency department we found that the acuity of patients, both medically and psychiatrically, can take a toll on our workplace relationships. 'The Midazoslammers' was created with the goal of providing an environment of safety where all staff are welcome to play. This has allowed us to strengthen our relations with a range of staff from security to our resident physicians. Unlike other programs, the flexibility of having as many players as we want has allowed shift workers to play when they have days off meaning we won't have to reject players for missed games. We look forward to each upcoming season and continue to grow! A huge thank-you is due to the ESSC for providing us with such an amazing opportunity for a healthy, safe, activity."
- Royal Alex Hospital (Alberta Health Services)

"We started playing as a teacher team a few years ago. We all wanted the opportunity to engage in something fun outside of work. Playing Volleyball with ESSC has been a really fun experience in getting us active, and socializing as a team. After a long day of work, once we get on the court, we have a lot of fun, share many laughs, and our stress and tiredness disappears. We look forward to playing every week, and that's why we have continued playing season after season."
- Teachers Team with Edmonton Public Schools

Contact us for more information on how to get your company involved in our leagues, tournaments and events.