Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame enshrines exceptional figures who represent the ESSC. With over 100,000 Edmontonians having played in the Club, these individuals stand out in terms of promoting the values of the Club, and we want to celebrate their excellence.

Each year, individuals are nominated by their peers, coordinators, or ESSC staff based on their actions at games, including: promoting a fun and social atmosphere, fair play, and good sportsmanship. Each year the Club will induct 5 individuals to be immortalized in their greatness.

All inductees will receive a personalized ESSC Hall of Fame trophy, which they will be presented with at the first season end party of the following the year. Thank you to all of the nominees for going above and beyond to embody the true spirit of the ESSC.

2023 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Chandelle Riley
Scott Parsons
Natalee Marchand

2022 Inductees

Matthew Biggeman
Jaime Morales
Clarence Yendo
Jasmine Ferland
Rhonda Boras

2021 Inductees

Hoc Luong
Rick Westin
Nikole Byrne
Chris Lim

2020 Inductees

David Coates
Kevin Valencia
Lois Hameister
Scott Walsh

2019 Inductees

Ryan McManners
Rebecca Mercier
Dion Lawe
Adam Johnstons
Ray Vigneau