Lottery Details

The Early Bird Lottery is a seasonal draw where captains who register their team within the Early Bird period have a chance to to win:

  • 1 of 3 free teams
  • 1 of 12 $50 gift cards (Hudsons or ESSC) 


  • All teams that register during Early Bird are automatically entered
  • As a thank-you to our loyal captains, they earn one extra entry for each team they've captained in the past
  • Increase the chances of winning by registering early
    • 5 entries into the Lottery Draw are picked at each Finalist Draw Deadline
    • Once registered teams are eligible for the current, and all future, finalist draws for the season

Draw Dates

  • Finalist Draws: February 28, March 06 & March 20 (Deadline)
  • Early Bird Lottery Draw: March 27
    • Tune into our Facebook and Instagram pages to see who wins!

Winter 2020 Finalists

Team Name
Captain Name
Previous Teams
Free Team
$50 Gift Card
TAU FC Benjamin P Gym Soccer 36   x
Milkshakes Kevin V Multi-Sport 41   x
Rock Suckers Amanda B Curling 4   x
Blue Crush Kelly P Turf Soccer 35   x
Pitt Rhinos Ben W Ball Hockey 34 x  
Purple Corbas Chris P Basketball 57   x
TBA Sara B Ball Hockey 8   x
Orlando's Magic Orlando T Ball Hockey 28   x
SMASHED POTATOES!! Nicole S Badminton 3   x
Smashing Bumpkins Jennifer V Volleyball 11 x  
Run Like The Winded Hannah C Ball Hockey 1   x
Fast & Hard Chris P Basketball 57   x
Team Name Pending Pamela F Ball Hockey 22   x
Hulk Smash! Reto M Volleyball 1   x
Refrigerator Raiders Adam M Volleyball 31 x  

Fall 2019 Finalists

Team Name
Captain Name
Previous Teams
Free Team
$50 Gift Card
Hitting Bricks Jordan B Indoor Volleyball 18   X
Can't Sweep This Roger S Curling 6   X
French Toast Mofia Jaime M Turf Soccer 16   X
Pitt Rhinos Ben W Ball Hockey 32   X
Angry Squirrels Lisa H Dodgeball 24   X
Oranje Luke W Turf Soccer 13   X
Fence or No Fence Todd C Indoor Volleyball 36   X
Double Trouble Greg H Pickleball 31   X
Awkward Sets Greg H Indoor Volleyball 31   X
Team Rocket Kevin V Turf Soccer 38 X  
FC Tumbleweed David N Outdoor Soccer 9   X
TBD Gina D Multi-Sport 21   X
Drink & Dive Trieu N Indoor Volleyball 4 X  
Scared Hitless Debbie S Pickleball 7 X  
Rim Rattlers Matt W Basketball 26   X