What is Wallyball?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Manager of League Operations

The ESSC’s new wacky, wild and addicting offering is Wallyball! The game has been growing steadily since it’s creation in the 1980s and Alberta is taking to it with open arms.

The game is essentially a combination of Volleyball and Racquetball. It is played on a Racquetball court but with a Volleyball court set up and a Volleyball-esque ball. The most entertaining part of the game is that the WALLS. ARE. LIVE. Players can hit the ball off the walls (as eluded to in the name), similar to a squash shot, which makes for some exciting rallies!

The game features a scoring system similar to Volleyball and is played with 3 players on each team. With the ball bouncing in so many directions, it is full of action and intensity.

As previously mentioned, the general concept of Wallyball is very similar to that of Volleyball, but with an added element. So, if you have been playing Volleyball for years and are looking for an activity to change up your routine, this may be right up your alley. Alternatively, if you’re totally new to Volleyball or Wallyball, it’s incredibly quick and easy to learn.

Hand-eye coordination will be your best friend as you learn to adjust to wall bounces and the speed of the game. For any Spikeball fans out there, this is almost like Spikeball on a larger scale and will keep the reflexes sharp during the colder months.