League Format

 Format  Description
3's This is the ESSC's standard Wallyball format, played 3-on-3 in a racquetball court
  • All Wallyball Leagues are single opponent; teams will play one match per night against a single opponent
  • All Wallyball Leagues use an Event Coordinator (EC)
  • All Indoor Wallyball Leagues are self-officiated

Game Format

  • Each booking ranges from 1.25 hours to 1.50 hours in length
  • Each match consists of 5 games:
    • All five games are rally-point scoring to 21 points (do not have to win by 2 points)
    • Ties are allowed in the regular season

Season Length

  • All 9 Week Wallyball Leagues use the following structure:
    • 7 weeks of regular season games
    • 2 week of playoff games
  • There may be instances where byes are scheduled due to facility availability, meaning the season may be played over 9-12 total weeks. 
  • In rare cases, games may be played on Long Weekends or Holidays.


  • Playoff Format:
    • All teams are guaranteed 2 playoff matches
    • Only the Top 4 teams will compete for the League Championship
  • League champs will receive t-shirts that can be picked up from the Season-end Party
  • There are no ties in playoffs:
    • ​​​A minimum of 5 total points must be played in any game for it to count
    • If time is called, the team who has won the most games wins the match
      • If both teams have won the same number of games:
        • ​​The team with the higher point differential wins the match
        • If teams are tied in point-differential, one additional tie-breaker point must be played


 Format Ideal Roster Size
(F) = Female
Total # of Players
required on the court
Total # of Females
required on the court
3's 4 (1-2 F) 3 1
  • When registering a full team, there is no limit to the maximum number of players that can be on the roster.
  • Prior to the first game of the season, teams must have 3 players confirmed on the roster in MyESSC. This number is equal to the total number of players required on the court in the above chart.
    • If the minimum amount of confirmed roster players is not met, the team will receive a loss for every game played until the requirement is met.
  • Prior to the first playoff game, teams must have all players who are playing in the playoff game(s) displayed as part of the confirmed roster in MyESSC.
    • If this requirement is not met, teams will receive an automatic loss and will not be eligible for the championship.
  • A team may bring in subs that are not listed on the roster. To learn more about the sub policies, click here.