All players must be over the age of 18 and all skill levels are welcome.

Full Team

Captains register a Full Team to build their own roster and decide themselves how many teammates to include.

  • The more players on the roster, the lower the cost per player.
  • Full Team fees are paid for in full at the time of registration.
  • There is no maximum size for a Full Team registration.

Roster Invites:

  • Prior to Friday, one week before the tournament, teams must have all of their players confirmed on their roster in their My ESSC account.
    • This must include the appropriate number of players required on the court/field for your particular sport, which can be found on the Rosters page under Tournament Details on the side navigation menu for any particular tournament.
    • If the minimum amount of confirmed roster players is not met, we reserve the right to deduct points from your team during the round robin.
    • You may make changes to your roster leading up to the tournament as needed.


  • Players register individually (1 to 3 people) to play together and the ESSC will add other individuals and/or groups to form a full team.
  • The ESSC manages the size and composition of the final roster and will always attempt to build ideal team rosters. However, teams could include more or less players than the ideal roster size, depending on registrations in that particular sport or division.

Roster Invites:

  • Individuals do not have the ability to add / invite additional players to the roster without speaking to an ESSC representative.
  • Individuals are expected to ensure that all registrants accept their roster invite prior to the Friday, one week before the tournament.
    • Registrants who do not accept their invite on time risk removal from the roster and will not be issued a refund.