April 13 Update

The Winter season is officially cancelled. We are currently working our way through all of the refunds. You will receive a confirmation email once your refund has been processed on our end. Please reach out ASAP if the card on file is no longer active.

Regarding Spring, the government has re-evaluated our approach to reopening with metrics focusing on the vaccine rollout. When it comes easing restrictions in the coming weeks, the government plans to use the 'Path Forward' 4-step framework centered on hospitalization and case trends, paired with the 'Path to Recovery', centered on Alberta’s immunization of the public.

With all this taken into account, we cannot have fixed dates for the Spring season, as it’s unclear when team sports will be allowed to proceed. We believe best case scenario at this time would be a return to sports in May, but the exact date is TBD. We will need to be flexible and patient as we see how the next weeks play out, and will continue to monitor the government updates closely. Players can expect to start no earlier than May 1st, but we are prepared to run a season at any point with a start date between the beginning of May and beginning of June. We cannot confirm the season length until a start date is confirmed, as such leagues could range from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

All payment plans have been put on hold, and the SSC will not process any further payments until season details are confirmed. The registration deadline is floating, and we will accept registrations for the Spring season on an ongoing basis until the season start is confirmed and communicated with players. If we cannot run a Spring season due to COVID-19, full refunds will be issued.

We are ready to launch our Spring season just as soon as we are given the green light!

General COVID-19 Questions

At this point in time, we don't know. We are assuming the restrictions will be similar to the past season that ran: limited cohort participation, capped league sizes, safe operation and sanitization procedures.

Once team sport guidelines are released we will make applicable adjustments and share the final Spring Return to Play with our players.

For now each league will be capped at 50 participants, meaning that most sports will play with 4 team divisions, and all rosters will be capped to ensure we stay within the maximum 50-person cohort. Additionally, the ESSC has decided to limit players to one registration for the time being.

The decision to run an all outdoor line-up was made 2 weeks before the deadline. We understand this is disappointing news for many players, however the decision was made taking into consideration a number of factors.

As we look at the current restrictions and decisions being made, it's clear that players and the government feel more comfortable with outdoor activities at this time. We believe the best chance of running a Spring season is to focus on outdoor play. By making this decision now we are ensuring that all teams and players have an opportunity to secure a spot in one of the outdoor leagues.

We closed registration to Indoor leagues on March 30th, and subsequently will be or have already followed up with all Spring Indoor teams and Individual registrations.

The Summer season typically runs from the first week of July to the end of August/first week of September.

We will open up registration for the Summer season in May, exact date TBD.



Our ability to continue to sport is dependent on everyone following the Return to Play Guidelines. On this page you will find a few commonly asked questions, but for a full overview please click the "Return To Play Guidelines" button above.