March 11, 2022 Update

As of February 9th, the Government of Alberta has removed its Restriction Exemption Program. This has not impacted our ongoing Winter season and all Winter players are still required to be fully vaccinated and follow our Vaccination Requirement Policy that was set forth and agreed upon by all registered players going into the Winter 2022 season.

For our upcoming Spring 2022 Indoor and Outdoor seasons, the ESSC will no longer be enforcing this Vaccination Requirement Policy. The Government of Alberta and Provincial Health Officials have advised that sports organizations can operate safely without a Restrictions Exemption Program in place. Therefore, we will not be asking players to submit proof of vaccinations, negative tests or medical exemptions. The ESSC still encourages those who are eligible to receive a vaccine or booster to do so, however it will no longer be a requirement to join and participate in our Leagues.

As of March 8th, the City of Edmonton's mask bylaw was be removed. As such, Indoor players will have to abide by the masking policies in place at each facility. For Outdoor players, there will be no masking requirement.

All players are asked to self-prescreen for COVID symptoms before attending a game or facility and must not enter the facility if they are experiencing symptoms.

For our upcoming Winter and Spring Tournaments, we are currently working with Tournament facilities to understand their specific requirements regarding vaccination. We will follow the guidelines they have set out, and communicate those with all players.

For answers to Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions, please see below.

January 7, 2022 Update

In October 2021, the Edmonton Sport & Social Club implemented a Vaccination Requirement Policy requiring all players to be fully vaccinated moving into the Winter 2022 season. This policy now extends to our Winter 2022 tournaments. We are administering this program in order to give all players and staff full confidence that everyone attending and playing in our leagues will be fully vaccinated. You can view the full details for this policy here.

​The Edmonton Sport & Social Club supports the COVID-19 vaccine and highly encourages players to be fully vaccinated, which is why we decided to move forward with our leagues and tournaments under this Vaccination Requirement Policy. We are committed to running programs that meet or exceed the Government of Alberta Guidelines as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.

Winter 2022 League FAQ

No, all players in our leagues must be fully vaccinated (with at least two doses) to be eligible to play. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals are not eligible. Privately Issued Negative PCR, Rapid Test, or Medical Exemptions will also not be accepted.

All players will be required to upload their vaccine QR code to their MyESSC Profile. If you have submitted a registration for the Winter 2022 season or have received an invitation to join a registration, an information box will appear on your MyESSC Profile with a link to submit your QR code through a form. In addition to all players being required to submit their vaccine QR code to their MyESSC Profiles, the facilities may still be requiring proof of vaccination upon entry themselves.

In our leagues, any player who has not provided proof of vaccination prior to their first game will receive an automatic loss for their team. If proof is not received by the second game, the individual will be removed from the league with no opportunity for a refund or credit. For Full Team registrations, Team Captains will be responsible to ensuring all team players submit their proof of vaccination prior to their first game. If ESSC Staff (during random ESSC player vaccine checks) find players present at the game who are not able to provide proof of vaccination on site, the player will be refused entry and cannot play, they will become flagged in our system and a ESSC staff member will follow-up as necessary.

Once we are passed the cancellation deadline of December 8th for leagues, no refunds or credits will be issued. After this date, players are not eligible for monetary compensation whether it is a general withdrawal or related to COVID-19 Policies and eligibility.

We will be scheduling time slots for players to come into the office and provide their proof of vaccination in person. Please email to be sent information regarding in person vaccination proof time slots.

All player are required to complete a self-screen prior to attending every game. If you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms, do not show up to your game. Coordinators at facilities may complete an additional screening questionnaire with players as needed, and will ask anyone with symptoms to leave immediately.

Players must abide by the masking requirements at each indoor facility. We ask that all players please arrive with a mask to every game so they are prepared to adhere to any facility masking policies.

We will follow our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy, as outlined when you registered.

Do not attend your game. We ask that you contact the ESSC office right away if you or a teammate have tested positive for COVID, or if multiple members on your team are in isolation for any reason. Players may resume play once they have met all AHS isolation guidelines of testing positive, or being a close-contact.

We will follow all AHS guidelines when we are notified of a potential exposure or confirmed case of COVID within our leagues.

Spring 2022 Leagues FAQ

No, the Government of Alberta has removed the Restriction Exemption Program and as such the ESSC has removed our Vaccination Requirement Policy for the Spring Indoor and Outdoor season.

Indoor facilities may choose to implement masking requirements. We ask that all players arrive at indoor facilities with a mask so they are prepared to follow any facility masking policies. Masks are not required to be worn when engaging in game play. Masks are not required for outdoor games.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend your game(s). Follow the recommendations and guidelines as outlined by AHS.