Give it a Shot!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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If you’ve taken time to read through some of our earlier Badminton articles, then you should have a solid understanding of the game’s format as well as positioning. Building upon this foundation, we can now explore some of the most common shots in Badminton and when best to use them.

A successful drive is a flat shot that sends the shuttle over just above the net. Drives are best hit when the shuttle is shoulder to chest height. By keeping the shuttle low, you don’t give your opponent as much time to react and are less likely to put them in an advantageous position.

A drop shot is defined as any shot that passes just above the net into the front part of the court. You’ll want to use a ‘pushing motion’ when contacting the shuttle, so that it will travel without much momentum and will fall quickly. If you have the opportunity to hit a drop shot from above your head, you can hit it at a downwards angle; if your opponent is anticipating a clear or a smash, they may not make it to the net in time to return the shuttle!

If you’re scrambling for the shuttle and are worried that your opponent will take advantage of you being out of position, a great shot to take is a clear! A well-executed clear will send the shuttle high over the net, out of your opponent’s reach and to the back of the court. This will give you time to reposition and prepare for your opponents return. It’s also a great way to move your opponent to the back of the court so that you have an opening to drop!

Badminton’s most powerful shot is the smash. You want to contact the shuttle as high in the air as possible, as this gives you a steep downwards angle, and you’ll be able to blast the shuttle down into your opponent’s court. A good opportunity to make use of this shot is when your opponent hits the shuttle high into the air over your court, giving you time to get under the shuttle and line up your shot.

Badminton is a sport of finesse. It’s not about brute force so much as it is about technique. Only practice will make perfect, so get out there and give it a shot!